Wendy Williams Says She ‘Likes’ Rumors of Her Show Being Canceled: It Makes Me Giggle 

Wendy Williams Says She ‘Likes’ Rumors of Her Show Being Canceled: It Makes Me Giggle

Talk show diva Wendy Williams may be the subject of media scrutiny more often since her relapse scare and constantly-unfolding divorce drama with Kevin Hunter – but she says it has no effect on the “Wendy Williams Show.” In fact, the rumors of the show’s cancellation are funny to her. She recently commented:

“I like the rumor. It makes me giggle. What I would like to do upon the completion of a successful stretch of ‘Wendy’ is bow out on my own terms. Not get canceled but bow out on my own terms.”

Wendy Williams

While she is on summer hiatus from her purple couch, she’s hitting the road with her comedy tour, “For The Record…Umm Hmm” which features female comics. However, don’t expect Wendy to trash her soon-to-be ex. She offered:

“If you’re coming to my comedy and looking for me to throw Kevin Hunter under the bus, then stay home. Just stay home.”

Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter

She continued:

“Kevin Hunter will always be my family, you understand? You don’t just throw away 25 years of knowing someone. He was my first love…I’m very sad, too. I thought that we were the dynamic duo. I thought we were the great black hope. I thought we were representing something that people don’t get a chance to see a whole lot.”

But like the tune in the “Wendy Williams Show” theme song, when she filed for divorce she, “said it like she meant it.” They will not be getting back together! Wendy said:

“I’ve moved on with my life though, and I’m very firm. And when I say it, I mean it.”

Wendy is using her comedy tour to both tell her own truth and help elevate the careers of other women.

“I think it’s important to control your own narrative, and this show allows me the opportunity to heal and have some fun through laughter, while shaping the next chapter of my life. I have over a three-decade career going on and this messy talk show has apparently become something that captivates people…I am not a selfish girl. I do believe in sharing my joy and helping others.”

Lastly, Wendy says that when she retires from her talk show, she’d like to earn her doctorate and teach a college course. Would you like to call Wendy your professor?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay