June’s Diary Member Kristal Smith’s Home Burns Down In Tragic Fire [VIDEO]

June’s Diary Member Kristal Smith’s Home Burns Down in Tragic Fire

Tragedy has struck the family of member of Kelly Rowland‘s girl group, June’s Diary. The home of lead singer Kristal Smith and her husband, singer/songwriter Dwayne “Dee Roze” Spikes caught fire Sunday night (9/8/19), leaving the musical couple with nothing.

June’s diary

Kristal took to Instagram with footage of her home in flames. She attached this emotional caption:

“@itskristallyn Thank you God for sparing me and my family’s life last night I lost everything that I’ve worked my entire life for…my entire home and everything in it, is gone. I know that God has a plan and never puts more on us than we can bare, but this has been the biggest blow I’ve ever had to take. All of my possessions, memories, and things of great sentimental value is gone…just like that.”

She continued:

“I need your prayers please for peace and understanding for @imdeeroze and I and the rest of my family as well. Materials can always be replaced, so I thank God that we still have each other. If you would like to make a monetary donation I’ll be posting my PayPal and cash app. And to anyone in the area who would like to physically donate, please inbox me. Any and everything is appreciated. I love you guys and I thank you in advance for your prayers and kind words.”

Kristal Smith immediately opened a GoFundMe page for anyone willing to donate to them, raising just over $1400 of their $20,000 goal within one day.

The singer thanked fans and followers for the selfless donations:

“I’m so overwhelmed thank you all for your loving words and support.”

To donate to the relief fund of June’s Diary member Kristal Smith and her husband Dee Roze, click here.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay