Doja Cat Takes It Back To The Disco Era For “Say So” Video

Doja Cat Takes It Back To The Disco Era For “Say So” Video

Doja Cat is back after a sizzling year in 2019. This week, the ‘Hot Pink,’ singer released a disco-themed visual for her latest single “Say So,” that was shot at the famed Sheats-Goldstein Residence in Los Angeles under the direction of Hannah Lux Davis.

In the video, Doja dazzles in retro looks including a shimmery dress as she gets flirty with the handyman.

After the sun goes down, she and her maintenance man meet again.

Toward the end, Doja switches from her wardrobe to a shorter and sexier look with a touch of choreography inspired by Night Fever dance battle.

Together with her Travolta-channeling handyman crush, she busts into more synchronized dancing down on the dance floor.

When it comes to pinpointing her own sound, Doja tells Elle:

“I really pull from everyone. I’m absorbent. I’m not saying I’m even half as talented or a quarter as talented as any of the people I’m inspired by, but if I hear a beat Busta Rhymes would absolutely kill, I’ll use my voice to do a flow similar to his. Very sexually driven, very tongue in cheek. Sort of soft but also really, really aggressive in some aspects, and really fun.”

She adds what’s needed in the female rap community,

“It’s the perfect time for people to be colorful and animated. We need people who are open to doing something with theme, something with a cartoonish twist. [Rap] is very one dimensional right now.”


Check out the video below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette