Ex “Bad Girls Club” Reality Star Mehgan James Says She Was Attacked By Lyft Driver 

Ex “Bad Girls Club” Reality Star Mehgan James Says She Was Attacked By Lyft Driver

Reality TV Star Mehgan James formerly of Basketball Wives and Bad Girls Club says that she was physically attacked by a Lyft driver.

She detailed the terrifying experience on her Instagram with a video telling her fans to protect Black women, and telling Black women to do what they need to do to protect them selves.

She posted the video with the caption,

“Just got attacked by a @lyft driver .

Hey you guys so I just got physically attacked by a @lyft driver named Sergio ! Luckily @courtneymanatee‘s family whom where strangers Until now picked me up on the 405 and brought me home safely ! Mind you @lapdhq has refused to come to my house for me to file a police report . They said since it’s not an emergency that I should come file the report during business hours . Ima upload sergios license plates and picture on the next slide and I Really don’t feel safe Bc he now has my address ! But anyway #protectblackwomen . And if I haven’t heard from you don’t reach out to me I’m good”

She also posted the drivers photo,  asking her fans to help her locate the Lyft driver who allegedly attacked her,

If any one knows this person dm me !! It’s the @lyft driver who attacked me & his license plates are on the next slide . #protectblackwomen”

Social media seemed to have conflicting views on the news:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo