African American Men To Be Hit The Hardest As Automation Takes Over Jobs Humans Once Performed

African-American Men To Be Hit The Hardest As Automation Takes Over Jobs Humans Once Performed

As robotics and automation become even more popular, a new report claims that African-American men will suffer the most in the future when it comes to employment.

The “Future of work in Black America” report, conducted by Mckinsey & Co., discusses the issues Americans in the workforce will experience as automation replaces blue-collar positions. Interestingly enough, if the report is correct, Black men could get negatively impacted more than other demographics.

This is because African-American men are said to be overrepresented in jobs that have high displacements like fast food, production workers, retail and administration. These are on-trend to be hit hard with automation.

African-American men are also reportedly underrepresented for low-displacement jobs like creatives, health professionals, teachers, legal, property and agricultural. These industries are going to feel less of a negative impact from the alleged automation takeover, according to the report.

Another factor is that Black men in America are less concentrated in the areas of the country that is forecasted to see major economic growth in the next 10 years. Instead, they are more concentrated in regions that are predicted to see a major economic decline in the next decade.

As for African-American females, their representation in positions like personal-care aides and nursing assistants helps their future in the workforce to be a more optimistic one.

Source: Fast Company

Authored by: Char Patterson