Meek Mill Leaves Instagram

Meek Mill Deletes His Instagram

Everything okay, Meek Mill

The rapper suddenly deleted his Instagram Thursday (Nov. 21).

It’s not clear what made him deactivate his account, but he seems to be having nothing but positive vibes over on Twitter. Just a couple of days before he wrote,

“I think I’m getting better at life …tryna fix a bunch of things that could never be right!”
Still, he also said he’s back in “savage” mode.
Interestingly enough, his career is also flourishing as his album Champions also just earned a nod for the 2020 Grammys for Best Rap Album. This is the first time the Philadelphia rapper has received a nomination for the coveted award.
He might be taking notes from 50 Cent, who recently deactivated his own Instagram, and made his return Wednesday (Nov. 20).

50 Cent returns to IG

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Authored by: Char Patterson