‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ — Charges Against Monique Samuels & Candiace Dillard Dropped After Footage Of Alleged Fight Reviewed

Monique Samuels, Candiace Dillard

‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ — Charges Against Monique Samuels & Candiace Dillard Dropped After Footage Of Alleged Fight Reviewed

Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Potomac” both lost their assault complaints against one another.

Us Weekly reported that Public Affairs Director Ramon V. Korionoff stated that the State’s Attorney’s Office for Montgomery County, Maryland tossed out charges on both sides. Both ladies were facing jail time if the charges would’ve stuck.

Interestingly enough, the move came after interviews with witnesses and Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard. Footage of the actual incident was also evaluated.

Monique Samuels’s counsel A. Scott Bolden said in a statement,

“Consistent with [Dillard’s] prior bad acts, offensive words and conduct, and her reputation for physical threats and verbal outbursts on the show, through third party interviews and the review of other evidence, the government concluded not to move forward against my client, Mrs. Samuels. And while the government decided not to pursue my client’s defensive claim against Candiace, we are very satisfied that justice was done. It is our sincerest hope that both parties can move forward without any further judicial actions or involvement and that this dispute can be resolved through mediation or a thoughtful conversation between the parties, without threats, goading or bad behavior that Candiace is so well known for.”

He said he would

“work diligently to create a better work environment for all RHOP cast members, that may only be had with more mature and better behavior from Candiace. We certainly hope she gets the help she needs so that the parties can avoid any further altercations between the two of them.”

Candiace Dillard’s James L. Walker, Jr. also released a statement. While he said they’re “very pleased” with the results, he insists that Dillard was the victim.

 “She has been sadly attacked, physically and personally, by Mrs. Monique Samuels and her legal team! Even today as she is vindicated and there is no proof whatsoever that she committed a crime against her castmate, they are still attacking her,” he continued. “We would hope that Mrs. Samuels is getting help and treatment, as the evidence we saw clearly showed her as the aggressor and bragging about her assault on our client! We are prayerful that all parties can move on now and that Mrs. Samuels and her representatives will cease and desist with the verbal attacks and grandstanding against our client as this decision today releases Mrs. Samuels from criminal prosecution, but a civil court would still most likely find her actions to be legally actionable and considered assault!”

It was previously reported that Samuels allegedly attacked Dillard while the ladies were filming with their co-stars. Samuels is accused of allegedly pulling Dillard by the hair. Dillard also allegedly got physical, in what her legal team has said was an act of self-defense. The entire alleged incident was caught on tape, and will reportedly be a storyline for the upcoming season of the show.

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Authored by: Char Patterson