Loni Love: A Lot Of Black Men Don’t Know How To Have Faithful Relationships + Says Issue Dates Back To Slavery [WATCH]

Loni Love

Loni Love: A Lot Of Black Men Don’t Know How To Have Faithful Relationships + Says Issue Dates Back To Slavery [WATCH]

Comedienne and “The Real” talk show co-host Loni Love said she believes many black men have an issue staying faithful.

The ladies of “The Real” were discussing Joe Budden’s comments about Kevin Hart’s infidelity that played out in the comedian’s documentary. Joe Budden said in part:

“He works really hard. I can work harder. Like, I can see how n—as cheat… In thinking about how hard he works, sometimes you’re not home but for 10 seconds in the day, for however many days. And I as a man can understand how that can be difficult. I know how I was feeling just going to work however many hours I was going to work and spending very little time at home. We don’t have to get into that right now, but as men, I think y’all know what I’m saying. And I understand that about him.

Loni Love said Wednesday (Jan. 8),

“In the black community… I don’t speak for the black community but I do think that a lot of black men, they really don’t know how to have true, faithful, relationships. They think because they have money, they have power, that they can treat women any kind of way.”

New co-host Amanda Seales agreed as she sipped her drink and sang,

“Loni Love is saying things.”

Loni Love continued,

“That is something we need to work on.”

Amanda Seales added,


While co-host Adrienne Bailon chimed in and said infidelity with men is something that’s an issue “across the board,” Loni explained why she feels it’s a different situation when it comes to black men.

“No, it’s not across the board because what is happening is that we are still dealing with the point of slavery, and we are descendants of slavery, and because our families were broken up, we still do not have an idea of how to have together…. because our families were broken up.”

Amanda Seales added that welfare reform that made its way through the 1960s and 1970s also played a part. She added,

“This is a long… that’s another show.”

Loni continued,

“When you hear Joe Budden say, well you know, [Kevin Hart] works so hard, it’s not a bad thing. He’s saying, you know, Kevin don’t wanna be poor no more. So he’s like ‘Let me go out here and make this money ’cause I don’t wanna go back to where I was in Philly.’ So, he was using it as an excuse and we modernize it… You gotta understand the whole psychology behind it. That’s the reason he’s working so hard, ’cause he don’t wanna go back to where he came from, ’cause then he’ll lose the power…”

Adrienne Bailon added,

“And working so hard is affecting his relationship. So it is a…”

Amanda Seales ended with,


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Authored by: Char Patterson