The Weeknd Opens Up About Drug Use: It Doesn’t Consume My Life But Occasionally Helps Me Open Up My Mind

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The Weeknd Opens Up About Drug Use: It Doesn’t Consume My Life But Occasionally Helps Me Open Up My Mind

The Weeknd has never been shy to speak about his history with drug use. He gave an update on how he’s doing during an interview with CR MEN’s and revealed,

“I have an off-and-on relationship with it. It doesn’t consume my life but occasionally helps me open up my mind, especially when I’m creating”

He said things are different when he’s on stage.

“When I perform I’m completely sober and try not to even drink. I’ve learned to balance thanks to touring.”

The “Earned It” singer might be topping the charts but spoke on dealing with loneliness during his busy work schedule.

“I spend most of my days alone now. I don’t like to leave my house too much. It’s a gift and a curse but it helps me give undivided attention to my work. I enjoy being a workaholic, I think, or I’m just addicted to it. Even when I’m not working I’m always somehow still working. It distracts from the loneliness, I guess.”

This isn’t the first time The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, spoke on his drug use. He told The Guardian back in 2016, just after the release of his Starboy album,

“When I had nothing to do but make music, it was very heavy. Drugs were a crutch for me. There were songs on my first record that were seven minutes long, rambling – whatever thoughts I was having when I was under the influence at the time. I can’t see myself doing that now.”

“I’ll be completely honest with you. The past couple of albums, I do get back to that. Even on this new album. You have writer’s block. And sometimes you’re like, I can’t do this sober.”
He’s also referenced drug use in several of his songs. He sang on “The Hills”,
“I only love it when you touch me, not feel me
When I’m f***ed up, that’s the real me”

His lyrics in “Gone” include,
“I’m only 21 so I do it when I wanna
Gone from the codeine, ‘methazine, lean
Got me feelin’ kinda weak
And it’s kinda hard to breathe
But you’re turning 23, so I’ll f*** you if you need”
He also sang in “Kiss Land”,
“G** d*** I’m high
My doctor told me to stop
And he gave me something to pop
And I mix it up with some Adderalls and I wait to get to the top
And I mix it up with some alcohol and I pour it up in a shot
I don’t care about you, why you worried ’bout me?
All I want is that smoke, give me all of that smoke
Last week was my rough week, I’m still drippin’ down from my nose
And I don’t know how to drive, I make my driver get high”

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Authored by: Char Patterson