Wendy Williams Broadcasts “Wendy @ Home” From Her Apartment [WATCH]

Wendy Williams Broadcasts “Wendy @ Home” From Her Apartment [WATCH]

Several sitcoms, films, as well as talk and reality shows have halted production amid the coronavirus and its associated state lockdowns in order to prevent the rapid spread of this disease. The beloved “Wendy Williams Show” is one of those shows. But the talk show diva’s team decided the show must go on by any means necessary. She announced to fans that she’d be continuing her show from home. Wendy’s Instagram post read:

“You asked for it and I delivered. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, hit the [bell emoji] and watch the first episode of ‘Wendy @ Home’! #wendywilliams @socialdistancing”

Adorned in a comfy Versace bathrobe, she hilariously gave fans contradicting instructions on how to watch the show.

In “Wendy @ Home’s” first episode, she explained that her team thought re-runs wouldn’t suffice after her drama-filled tenth season. Wendy Williams said:

“Live from New York City in her apartment it’s the Wendy Williams Show, starring Wendy!…This is the angle you’ll be getting me on these YouTube blasts. I’m not taking you on a tour of my apartment. I feel very intruded upon with just doing this right now, but the show convinced me that, ‘Maybe Wendy, while we’re off – reruns aren’t enough.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, where do you expect to do stuff? I’m not leaving the house. I’m not getting sick!’…I’ve only been out of the house once? Twice? I’ve never enjoyed being home this much.”

For the majority of the episode, she nibbled on lollipop lamb chops, maple syrup and bacon, and soft-shelled crab in support of the take-out only restaurant rule:

“Watch me eat! You know you wanna watch! I like to support the restaurants that are still making food and delivering…and this is for the fans saying, ‘I thought you were vegan! I thought you were vegetarian!’ No the hell I’m not! I eat what I wanna eat everyday!”

Like Wendy, Tamron Hall is also airing segments from her home on Instagram.

Watch yesterday’s (3/23/20) episode of “Wendy @ Home” below.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay