Ari Lennox Says Beyonce Makes Her Feel Like “A Real Sexy B*tch”, As She Poses In Ivy Park Bodysuit [VIDEO]

Ari Lennox Says Beyonce Makes Her Feel Like A Real Sexy B*tch, As She Poses In Sexy Bodysuit [VIDEO]

Singer Ari Lennox, 28, is sharing her appreciation for Beyonce as the “BMO,” singer was gifted a limited edition package from her Adidas collection.

This week, Ari took to her Instagram live to reveal how sexy she feels in her new Ivy Park Adidas collection one piece suit. Ari says,

“Oh! Thank you Beyonce! I don’t know if you did this for me on purpose but you made me feel like a real sexy b*tch.”

She jokingly added,

“My p*ssy is out for you. Thank you so much sister.”

Ari also reveals she and Beyonce have already met years ago as a child.

“I hope to meet you as an adult, I meet you when I was little. I love you so much.”

She ends saying,

“Aight, I’m inspired. I’m definitely going to start working out because Beyonce makes me feel like all things are possible.”

Just recently, the singer was asked on a date by ‘The Photograph,’ actor, Lakeith Stanfield while going live via Instagram.

While on live, Ari expressed with her fans about the boredom of social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak, when she talked about how impressed she was with Stanfield’s performance alongside Issa Rae. She begins,

“You did that!…I was in the theaters by myself, in a hoodie just looking pitiful. No date- nothing! Just sitting there shedding tears thinking of my godd*mn love life and how it’s exceedingly non-existent; how it’s just a pitiful mess!”

Lakeith replied:

“Thank you love”

Standfield then sent Ari into a tailspin after commenting,

“Can you be my date? Let’s go”

Ari immediately playfully dismissed Lakeith’s advances and took his comment as a joke,

“Lakeith, I don’t have time for this right now, ’cause I- wait. You’re joking. I don’t have- no. We’re changing the subject, because I heard some things. Ok, so you guys! I started a studio…what the hell is this even called right now? I don’t even know how to say anything right now!”

Looking great Ari!
Authored by: Gregory Molette