Rapper Kamaiyah Seemingly Calls Out Kehlani: I Don’t F*ck With Her

Kamaiyah, Kehlani

Rapper Kamaiyah Seemingly Calls Out Kehlani: I Don’t F*ck With Her

One would think artists from the West Coast would have an unspoken alliance, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with rapper Kamaiyah and singer Kehlani. During an Instagram Live session with fans, Kamaiyah alludes that she and fellow Oakland native Keyshia Cole are certified by people in their hometown, while Kehlani isn’t. Kamaiyah said:

“I’m from High Street, 3170. Apartment 303 verified. Keyshia [Cole] can tell you where she from in the 80s. Tell me where the other person from. Period, n*gga. On everything.”

Fans questioned whether or not she was referring to Kehlani, and she refused to address the speculation directly:

“I ain’t answering no questions. That n*gga been knowing what it is. It’s up. It’s been up for a while. Y’all keep asking me questions. I don’t f*ck with her at all. She know why; that’s that.”

Kamaiyah’s social media declaration about Kehlani seems to be in response to Kehlani’s recent feuds with ex-boyfriend, Y.G., and singer Keyshia Cole. Kehlani aired Y.G. out in the song, “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” about their relationship woes. Y.G. and Kamaiyah are friends.

She and Keyshia Cole also went back and forth in a subliminal war on Twitter over the music video for their collaboration, “All Me,” where Keyshia Cole’s vocals were MIA. She also didn’t appear in the video.

Kehlani, also, didn’t directly address the female rapper but tweeted this afterward.

What do you think about Kamaiyah’s comments?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay