‘Cartel Crew’s’ Star Betty Idol’s Sister Allegedly Killed By Her Boyfriend

Betty Idol and her sister GiGi Bratz

‘Cartel Crew’s’ Star Betty Idol’s Sister Allegedly Killed By Her Boyfriend

Update #2 (May 27th): More details are coming out about the shocking death of Giselle Rengifo, the 17-year-old sister of reality star Betty Idol. And it’s safe to say they’re shocking.

According to Miami Herald, Rengifo was shot in the head during a party at an Airbnb. Even worse, the suspected shooter was allegedly her boyfriend, Michael McGowan, 17. He’s officially been charged with manslaughter with a deadly woman. He also allegedly confessed to being the gunman via his arrest affidavit.

Original Story: Singer Betty Idol (real name Salome Jackson), who is well known for her appearances on the VH1 shows Cartel Crew and Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, shared to her Instagram followers that her younger sister GiGi Bratz (real name Giselle Rengifo) was shot and killed on Monday night (May 18).

Giselle went to an AirBnB to hang out with her friends and a guy that she was reportedly dating identified as Michael McGowan, 17. According to reports, Giselle was seen on Facetime with McGowan when she allegedly handed her phone to one of her friends at the home. The witnesses reported that gunshots rang out and unfortunately saw Giselle on the floor with a gunshot wound to her head.

According to a recent report from the Miami Herald, the police found Giselle shot dead on the floor. The police also found a black handgun and a magazine that had been placed on a desk near the entrance. Four people were detained, according to the report, two juveniles and two adults. All four told police the shooting was accidental.

Even though the police report initially did not state Giselle’s full name, they did confirm the victim’s last name, Rengifo.

Police say they suspect GiGi was shot by Michael McGowan, 17, who now faces a charge of manslaughter with a deadly weapon. His arrest affidavit says he admitted to the shooting and like his friends said it was accidental.

Betty Idol and her family have repeatedly contacted the South Miami police department to get more details and provide proof that the murder was NOT accidental, however, they have not received a response as of yet. Betty has kept everyone updated on the case on her instagram page posting alleged snapchats that the alleged killer posted before the killing. Betty has also shared snapchats of the alleged killer and his friends playing with a loaded gun.


Betty is also claiming that the alleged sister of the alleged killer has been taunting Betty’s family by going on Instagram live and stating that people are mad “because their friend is dead and will never be alive again.” The sister allegedly has been encouraging the alleged killer’s behavior and stated that she is open to people coming for her in the comment section.



We are sending condolences to Betty Idol and her family.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla