Issa Rae To Kyla Pratt: I Wouldn’t Be Here If It Wasn’t For You

Kyla Pratt Says Appearing On ‘INSECURE’ Is For The Culture

Fans of actresses, Issa Rae and Kyla Pratt, are adoring the love that the two are showing each other on social media.  Kyla Pratt, who’s career spans over most of her life, is a well-known actress who played roles in projects such as ‘Dr. Doo Little,’ ‘The Proud Family’, and even landing the lead role in ‘One On One’.

Recently, Kyla made an appearance on episode 6 of HBO’sINSECURE”, (which was renewed earlier this year for it’s 5th season), and fans were here for it.

Issa Rae and Kyla Pratt indulged in a live chat where the two spewed messages of love and adoration back and forth to each other.

When Kyla learned news of her appearing on the show, she states,

“Wait, Insecure, like this is for the culture.  I’ll, like be a extra walking in the background, just to be a part.”

Like so many people growing up watching Kyla on television with their own aspirations, Issa Rae shares with Kyla,

“I wouldn’t be here if it were for you, in every sense of the word.”

Issa continued on to say,

“The body of work that you’ve accomplished over the years, you stay working.  So I’m just so grateful for your presence, and I know you felt the love.”

Issa also tweeted to show her love,

“Let me tell youuuuuuu how working with Kyla Pratt was a full circle moment for me in so many ways.  Love love love her!  Love these girls! #insecureHBO”

Fans joined in on the love fest.  @yoyotrav writes,

“Issa Rae giving Kyla Pratt her flowers is the type of quality content we deserve.”

@breez8930 also shared her thoughts, saying:

“Kyla’s guest spot this week was everything we needed and more. #insecureHBO”

Kyla posted a little behind the scenes with a few photos with the crew.  In her caption, she writes,

“A lil behind the scenes.  Too much fun.  Late night shoots with dope [expletive] people.  There are a bunch of outtake photos but we gone keep it cute @insecurehbo”

Kyla Pratt, Issa Rae, and crew

Kyla Pratt behind the scenes of ‘INSECURE’

Kyla Pratt has been in talks over the years to reboot the fan favorite, ‘One On One’ with her television father, Flex Alexander.  In 2018, the actor teased,

“Seeing all of these reboots like Roseanne, fuller house, possibly Martin!! It’s seems like perfect timing for a one on one reboot! @kylapratt what do you think?”

Do you hope to see Kyla make another appearance on ‘INSECURE‘?  Would you be down for a reboot of ‘One on One‘?  Let us know your thoughts.

Authored by: Robin Ayers