Omari Hardwick Reacts To Criticism For Choosing A White Wife: I Can Be With Whomever The F**k I Was Called To Be With!

Omari Hardwick Reacts To Criticism For Choosing A White Wife: I Can Be With Whomever The F**k I Was Called To Be With!

Actor Omari Hardwick defended his wife Jae Hardwick on Instagram after a user questioned his choice of having a white wife. The argument started when Omari Hardwick posted a picture of Erika James, who recently became the first black female dean at the Wharton School of Business at The University of Pennsylvania. The “Power” actor congratulated the new dean and wrote,

“Haven’t done one in a while. This 1 is worthy. In a space of time where other races are finally demanding that our country value us, the million dollar question is….do we value us? The question, though rhetorical, can be answered. I had a brotha comment on a post of mine yesterday with a very LOST question, “Can you just be normal?” Left me blown. That question was of zero rhetoric. & i can answer with a resounding…HELL NO. & noooo one around me can be or think normal. Thank you Erika James for not being & not thinking normal. Pour into this role & leave your mark on Wharton forever…

His salute was quickly interrupted when a user commented the following,

“You asking do we value us?? Meanwhile you choose a white woman. Smh. I can never take u type of guys serious.”

Omari Hardwick was not happy with the comment and slammed the user with a lengthy comment,

“I am not asking anything. As I stated… it is a rhetorical question we are all in the process of. Whether that process is on the questioning side or the asking side. I will never answer that question from a person who proves my point in asking it with your disgraceful comment. You know nooothing about Jae nor my kids. I would NEVER disrespect your significant other or your kids. So watch your mouth in disrespecting mine a). b) This entire post of course consistent with me…proves how much i value black people, black women, black men, mySELF. A person’s life/journey mate (which if done right… has god in that choice equally) has nothing to do with that person’s value of themselves & the people that person’s culture/race.”

He continued,

“I value us & me so much I can be with whomever the F**K I was called to be with. THAT is NOT a race thing. It’s a SOUL thing. Every sister I ever been with was uniquely powerful & valued themselves as well as our race. It’s interesting you say what you say…while they still value me & even my life mate to the point of friendship with her. If them ex’s read this…they would say exactly what i am & what @vcusherlover said. Meanwhile… I know not to ever send anyone I care about to you for your craft used in being a nurse. And i see you follow me. So lemme add… i equally don’t trust s**t you say. So we’re even. Yet sooo not. Please unfollow me. God bless you & your family’s days ahead.”

Omari Hardwick and Jae Hardwick tied the knot in 2012. They have two children together: Nova and Brave.

Back in May, we reported that Omari Hardwick’s wife Jae Hardwick took to Instagram to share how her fellow white counterparts could show true solidarity in support of the demands for justice for Ahmaud Arbery. Arbery was gunned down on February 23 while jogging in a small neighborhood just outside of Brunswick, Georgia.

Two main suspects, father and son Gregory and Travis McMichael were arrested and charged May 7 with murder and aggravated assault in connection to the unfortunate incident. A third person, William Bryan was arrested for chasing Ahmaud in his car along with the father-son duo and reportedly recorded Ahmaud’s murder.

Jae Hardwick captioned the just over 3-minute black and white video: “To my white people who want to help” and began her brief talk by saying:

“Mind you, this is directed to my white followers, my white friends, my white family members. If you will feel better when you return home after doing your 2.23 miles, don’t do it. Don’t do it. You are not helping the problem. What you’re doing is you’re soothing your own soul. You are feeling as if you are part of something. As if you are supporting something. But what you can do to actually be part of the solution is, is not to soothe your soul but to allow it to become outraged. This young king was not killed because he went jogging. He was killed because he went jogging in America while he was black and was confronted by racists.”

She went on to explain that she believes there is an America for white people and then there is an America for those people who are not white:

“See there’s two different Americas y’all. Been saying it for a while. I’ve said it in my stories and by the way, I’ve said it in my posts and when I do, just so you guys know, I get a lot of sh*t in my DMs from racist people. But it’s never gonna stop me from saying it. There’s two different Americas: there’s one if you are white and there’s one if you are every other minority in America, especially if you are black or brown. If you are not willing as a white person to confront racism in your neighborhood, at your workplace, in your friend group, or in your own family, you are part of the problem, okay? Again, stop looking for ways to make yourself feel better and start looking for ways to make the situation better.”

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla