Walmart Vows To Stop Putting ‘Multicultural’ Hair & Beauty Products In Locked Cases After Viral Video

Walmart Vows To Stop Putting ‘Multicultural’ Hair & Beauty Products In Locked Cases After Viral Video

Walmart says it will stop putting “multiethnic” hair care and beauty products in locked cases throughout all of its stores nationwide after a video went viral.

Walmart claims that only a dozen of its 4,700 stores across the country put these products in cases. In recent years, the practice of locking up the products has gained controversy for allegedly implying that the customers who purchase the products, largely black people and other people of color, are not to be trusted. In order for customers to get the products, they would have to call over a sales associate who would unlock the case, and the product is taken to the front to be purchased.


Locked hair care products are seen to the right of the image

CBS Denver reporter Tori Mason was the first to reveal the change in policy after she shared a video of a Walmart customer showing that the multicultural products were locked up, while the mainstream products weren’t.

Tori Mason said Walmart sent her an email that outlined the company’s promise to stop locking up the products.

In a statement, Walmart spokesperson Lorenzo Lopez also expressed the same sentiments and said that the grocery store chain is,

“sensitive to the issue and understands the concerns and would be implementing the change in policy as soon as possible.”

Lorenzo Lopez continued,

“As a retailer serving millions of customers every day from diverse backgrounds, Walmart does not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Like other retailers, the cases were put in place to deter shoplifters from some products such as electronics, automotive, cosmetics and other personal care products.”

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla