DaBaby: I’m Blessed Enough To Care About Everything But At The Same Time Give A F*ck About Nothing


DaBaby: I’m Blessed Enough To Care About Everything But At The Same Time Give A F*ck About Nothing

Rapper DaBaby spent Father’s Day surrounded by love with his two-year-old daughter poolside at his home. The 28-year-old Charlotte native also took some time during his Father’s Day Sunday to reflect on his blessings.

In his lengthy statement on his Instagram story, DaBaby acknowledges his journey from where he was to where he is and how God has blessed him to be present and be an anchor for his family. He writes:

“Been up all night reflecting on how blessed I am. Blessed enough to come from where I come from and get to where I am. Blessed enough to live through situations I’ve made it out of with my head held high. Blessed enough to take care of my family and be the platform and support system needed to assist my loved ones in chasing their dreams. Blessed enough to watch my mother get married and live happily with a man that loves and appreciates her the way I always have. Blessed enough to be the father of 2 beautiful children…”


DaBaby discussing being able to be a light to everything around him, and spending extra time with his daughter like “watching ‘Toy Story’ 100 times” in two weeks.

DaBaby continues on to state he can own up to his mistakes and being loved despite his shortcomings. He continued,

“… Blessed enough to be able to hold myself accountable when I’m wrong. Blessed enough to hold others accountable when they’re wrong but never before offering my perspective on how I feel like went wrong…”

… Blessed to have people in my life that love me for who I am and accept my flaws without judging my character. Blessed enough to be staring at my pretty *ss daughter while I type this sh*t.

DaBaby ends his statement with his final remarks pertaining to the blessing of success, the comfortability he has earned through his career and giving unconditional love.

In his final paragraph, DaBaby writes:

“Blessed enough to become a successful Black man. Blessed enough to be able to walk in any room and co-exist with anybody on any lever and leave the room with respect. Blessed to still be able to give love unconditionally while needing love more than ever. Blessed enough to accomplish things I never seen another man accomplish, only n***** on the tv. Blessed enough to be the big dog but still feel like I’m no better than the people around me. Blessed enough to know I’m capable of doing anything I put my mind to.”

DaBaby closes out in his naturally comedic fashion:

“Blessed enough to have people that’s not even willing to read books but will sit here and read everything I just wrote. Blessed enough to care about everything but at the same time give a f*ck about nothing, GOD IS GREAT.”

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta