K.Michelle Accused Of Throwing Vase At Celebrity Stylist & Not Paying Her Invoices

K. Michelle, Hollywood Larry

K.Michelle Accused Of Throwing Vase At Celebrity Stylist & Not Paying Her Invoices

Celebrity stylist Hollywood Larry has called out singer K.Michelle with claims that she humiliated him, has not paid her invoices, and even allegedly threw a vase at him. The feud started when Hollywood Larry, who has also styled Angela Simmons and Blac Chyna, retweeted a music video featuring K.Michelle, the City Girls, and Kash Doll for the song ‘SupaHood’. The user that initially posted the video wrote in the caption,

“Am I the only one that wanted Caresha to rub her belly when she said “Might give a baby to him”?!”

Hollywood Larry then tweeted in the caption,

“I styled Kimberly for this video. She publicly humiliated me, threw a flower vase at me and still has unpaid invoices… But yeah, that would’ve been cute for Carsesha.”

He also wrote,

“She f*cked up though… Really don’t need that video on my resume!”

He also responded to a user that felt sorry about the fallout with K.Michelle saying,

“Yep. Thanks bro. I’m not going to tell you about the very extreme homophobic comments she made. Video looked great though!”

The stylist goes on to say,

“Yeah man. Mind you I’d barely recovered from a near death car accident. Literally no teeth, forced to wear a mask (pre-Covid) and on a cane with a limp. She dgaf. Babygirl hail married that mf, unbothered!”

Larry also shared what he said were “receipts” on Instagram.

The link led to a series of photos from the set of the video, which Hollywood Larry posted nearly a year ago on his Instagram stories.

He then responded to reality star and stylist Zell Swag’s laughing emojis with,

“I’m tired, and I got time. If only everyone knew how their “favs” get-over, use, and abuse us creatives! It’s mind blowing.”

The stylist then answered more questions from users,

“Had the audacity to say… “Call some of the scammers gays to get the f*cking job done!” Mind you, she wanted a prosthetic a** and hips which is not my lane.”

Here are a few more tweets from Hollywood Larry:

K.Michelle has not responded publicly to Hollywood Larry’s claims.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla