Harvey Weinstein – Judge Rejects $46.8 Million Settlement In Film Producer’s Case, Calling It ‘Obnoxious’

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein – Judge Rejects $46.8 Million Settlement In Film Producer’s Case, Calling It ‘Obnoxious’

It only took 20 minutes for Judge Alvin Hellerstein to rule against the proposed settlement for victims of disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein, valued at $46.8 million. The settlement – which included the proposed $19 million set to be divvied among his victims – was previously intended to serve as compensation for the many businesses and lives affected by Harvey Weinstein’s heinous sexual assaults. However, Judge Hellerstein proclaimed that this case is not that of a class-action suit. He said:

“The idea that Harvey Weinstein can get a defense fund ahead of the claimants is obnoxious. The idea you can regulate the claims of people not in the settlement — I can’t subscribe to that.”

The judge added that due to the various natures in the way Harvey Weinstein’s victims were attacked, the case should not be handled as a class action suit. Instead, it would require a special master to tend to each victim’s portion of the settlement:

“Not every woman was captured in the same way. Some gave up their bodies because of blandishments…some by force, and some may have done it willingly. And yet your settlement creates an equality…This is not a class action. I will not give preliminary approval to the settlement.”

Judge Hellerstein continued:

“I don’t see how I could delegate that responsibility to someone who is not a judge. There is no way I would approve a delegation for that suit. Zero.”

Douglas Wigdor and Kevin Mintzer – attorneys for three of Harvey’s plaintiffs – objected to the settlement from the beginning.

“We have been saying for over a year and a half that the settlement terms and conditions were unfair and should never be imposed on sexual assault survivors. We were surprised that class counsel and the New York Attorney General did not recognize this fact but are pleased that Judge Hellerstein swiftly rejected the one-sided proposal. On behalf of our clients, we look forward to pursuing justice against Harvey Weinstein and his many enablers.”

Harvey Weinstein is currently serving 23 years in prison.

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Authored by: Miata Shanay