Talib Kweli Accused Of Harassing A Black Woman Over Colorism Tweet, Deletes Account

Talib Kweli Accused Of Harassing A Black Woman Over Colorism Tweet, Deletes Account

Talib Kweli has deleted his Twitter after a controversial encounter with a black woman over colorism.

It all started nearly two weeks ago when Twitter user, Maya Moody, responded to a tweet highlighting Black male entertainers who married Black women. She pointed out the alleged colorism associated with the men’s relationships:

“Literally almost all of them are married to light skinned women but that’s a conversation for another day.”

Talib Kweli was one of the many men mentioned in the tweet Maya Moody responded to. He responded and accused her of being divisive as a brown-skinned Black woman. This eventually led to weeks worth of open issues with Maya, including an alleged tweet of hers that Talib Kweli posted to his Instagram. He, in turn, accused her of subscribing to the color-struck rhetoric she addressed.


However, Maya says she never tweeted the message Talib Kweli posted on IG. She says he made up several false narratives which encouraged his fans to further harass her.

In fact, Maya says the tweet’s screenshot read that it had been created before her Twitter account was even active.

In the crossfire of their internet conflict, it was revealed that Talib Kweli and his wife – DJ Eque – had separated after years of Talib Kweli’s cheating. Maya Moody’s followers also unearthed reports from 2010 that the estranged couple was kicked out of a party for getting into a physical fight.

DJ Eque responded to the Twitter war, adding that she asked the “Get By” rapper to stop indulging in the beef.

As of Friday, (7/24/20) Talib Kweli deleted his Twitter account.

Maya Moody pleaded for the popular phrase “protect Black women” to be put into action with this official statement on the internet debacle. She said:

“If you have been active on twitter for the past week, you have probably seen the online harassment I have been receiving from Talib Kweli and his bots because of this tweet. This tweet was made to address colorism and desirability politics within the black community: specifically, amongst black entertainers. This was not an attempt to invalidate the blackness of light skinned people, but to bring awareness to the well-known fact: that black rappers, athletes and entertainers prefer to date and marry light skinned and nonblack women…With that being said, Talib Kweli has been on a week-long harassment spree directed at me via Twitter and Instagram…and they have been posting pictures of my parents online, who are ALL federal employees, along with their full names, where we live, and my stepmothers old job and salary…I am not the first or only victim of this behavior from Talbi Kweli…I have received DOZENS on messages from other victims, claiming he has harassed them and their families from anywhere between 2 weeks to OVER 3 YEARS!”

“As a result, I shared public information about his 2 child rape allegations, that he blacklisted ex-employee, Res for refusing his sexual advances, and that he’s been secretly cheating on his wife for the past 9 years…I am tired of men abusing their power and trying to silence me and other women…I will never apologize for speaking truth to power.”

In the end, Talib Kweli maintains that he isn’t afraid of conflict. He told Instagram followers:

“Most people run away from challenges. I run towards them. Most people are too scared to even visit places where they will be challenged. I live there…Bring it on. I’m built for it. I do my best work when challenged. This was all getting too easy anyway!”

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Authored by: Miata Shanay