Cardi B & Sister Hennessy Carolina Sued For Defamation After Labeling A Group Of Beachgoers ‘Racist MAGA Supporters’

Cardi B, Sister Hennessy Carolina

Cardi B & Sister Hennessy Carolina Sued For Defamation After  Labeling A Group Of Beachgoers ‘Racist MAGA Supporters’

Cardi B is back in the press, but this time she’s being sued after defending her younger sister Hennessy Carolina who recently got into an altercation with a group of beachgoers in the Hamptons, and it was caught on video.

Hennessy Carolina & Cardi B

According to reports, the WAP star is being sued for defamation after posting an alleged “edited video” and photos from an altercation between her sister and a group that she labeled ‘racist MAGA supporters’ to millions of her social media followers.

According to Hennessy Carolina, she and her girlfriend Michelle Diaz visited a beach in the Hamptons when they pulled up to a “complete empty spot” when an altercation with a “family” ensued over what she claims to be racial reasons.

The group involved in the altercation allegedly consisted of a two white men, (one wearing a ‘MAGA’ hat) and other women.  In the video that was captured on Hennessy’s Instagram stories, Hennessy can be heard yelling obscenities at the group, while one man responds,

‘Move your vehicle out of here.’

After words of exchange with the group, Hennessy seems to zone in on one woman and expresses,

‘I hope you know that you will be online and your husband.’

The woman, equally as heated, offers her middle finger to the camera in response.

Cardi B also referenced the incident when debating online with Candace Owens.


According to the group’s attorney, John Ray

‘These peaceful Suffolk County residents were quietly enjoying a Sunday at the Smith Point beach with their families, when rap celebrity Hennessy Carolina suddenly approached them, raging, spitting, insulting, assaulting, defaming and threatening them, all the while videotaping them because one of them wore a MAGA hat,’ beachgoers’.

The attorney who claims that the group is ‘living in fear’ added,

‘Then Hennessy, Cardi B and celebrity model Michelle Diaz deviously edited the videotape and published the edited version all over social media, across the world for all to see, and maliciously falsely labeled these residents and their families as ‘N…s’ and as racists.’

Cardi B nor Hennessy Carolina have made public statements about the lawsuit or accusations.  What are your thoughts on what went down in the altercation?  Share your thoughts with us below.

Authored by: Robin Ayers