Tiffany Haddish Says Common Is Her ‘First Relationship With Somebody Who’s Not Trying To Make Me Turn My Light Out’

“This is my first time being in a relationship with somebody who’s not trying to make me turn my light out. They’re trying to get me to make my light shine even bigger and motivate me. That is very different for me – supportive, encouraging. It’s refreshing.”

She says that she and Common don’t ever set rules, and they allow each other space and time to create.

“We never set rules like that or anything. He’s always like, ‘You’re an artist, you’ve got create. If I’m in your world then I understand — just make sure I know about it beforehand.'”

Common, Tiffany Haddish

Over the holidays the couple spent separate time with their own families.  Tiffany said ahead of Christmas that she wanted to,

“get as much time as I can with my grandma.”

As for Common, he went to Florida to spend time with his family.

Still, Tiffany Haddish said there’s no room for concern as they’ve been working on their own projects recently.

“We’re not up under each other every day anyways. He’s recording his album right now, I’m working on a television show right now. Even before when the pandemic first happened, we weren’t together every day. It was three, maybe four days out the week.”

She continued and said she’s just fine with it.

“That’s kind of how I like it, because I need space. I like to be able to create whatever I’m trying to create, and if I’m with somebody, I want to focus on them a lot and it can become a distraction. That’s also what I like about him. He’s like, ‘If you need to go, you can go. I’m not trying to hold you back.’ “

She added that their time apart only makes their time together much better:

Way more special… and we have so much fun together — I think we have so much fun you need a little time to recover from it! We play games, we be laughing, we dance and stuff, or we’ll just curl up…. We make time for each other. We have fun.”

“I like playing. I keep calling it ‘playing together,’ but it’s not. We’re not playing, but it feels like I’m with one of my best friends in school, you know?” 

While she’s completely okay with them not spending Christmas together, she said she at least wanted him to invite her.

“I was looking at him sideways for a second, because he’s like, ‘Yeah, I want to go to Florida. I’m going to go see my mom and my grandma.’ And so I’m waiting for him to say, ‘Do you want to go?’ But I know I’m not going … I’m waiting for him to ask me so I can say, ‘No.’ He never asked.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo