YK Osiris Trades In His Luxury Cars For A Hyundai: I Ain’t Gotta Floss

YK Osiris Trades In His Luxury Cars For A Hyundai: I Ain’t Gotta Floss

Florida artist YK Osiris says that he is done with luxury cars and traded them all in for something a little more humbling – a Hyundai.

In a video posted online, the rapper says that he is done driving foreign car as he rode in his Hyundai:

“This what I’m riding in now.  This my new car. F*ck a foreign.”

He goes on to say:

“I sold my Lamborghini, I sold my Rolls Royce, I sold my Cadillacs… I ain’t gon’ lie, this thing humble yourself. I ain’t gone cap to you.”

He continues, saying that he doesn’t care what people say, because they are going to think what they want to think regardless, adding that he loves his Hyundai.

“I ain’t gotta floss for you n*ggas man.  Y’all gon’ think what y’all wanna think. If I do got it, don’t got it, y’all gon’ think what y’all wanna think. I love this Hyundai. Sh*t, I ain’t riding a f*cking Lamborghini, I ain’t gotta floss for you n*ggas. That’s what’s wrong with you n*ggas, y’all feel like you gotta floss for Instagram. Man, f*ck them man, y’all don’t need to floss for no dumb a** Instagram.”

YK Osiris says that the decision to sell his cars, came after he reflected on his days before fame.

“I had to sit back. I had to realize and look at the world like, ‘Osiris, you forgot who the f*ck you are, you forgot where the f*ck you came from. F*ck a Lambo n*gga, f*ck a Rolls-Royce. Remember where you came from n*gga. Don’t get lost in the sauce.”

He also let fans know that he plans to focus more on his music and getting money.

“Get this m*thaf*ckin’ music. Drop this music and get this f*cking money man, and don’t worry about that dumb sh*t.  Just remember… the same way you got it up, the same way you’ll go down. Swear to God, on my life.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo