Skai Jackson & Solange’s Son Juelz Smith Were Reportedly Dating, Break Up Revealed In Leaked Text Messages

Skai Jackson & Solange’s Son Julez Smith Were Reportedly Dating, Break Up Revealed In Leaked Text Messages


Solange Knowles’ son, Julez Smith, 16, and Disney channel star, Skai Jackson, 18, are making headlines! The internet is buzzing after rumors surfaced that the young pair were allegedly in a relationship. In an alleged leaked group chat, Daniel ‘Julez” Smith Jr. allegedly revealed that he and Skai Jackson were dating but have since broken up. In the group chat, Julez claimed that he and Skai Jackson had sex.

“I fu**ed her good and got her addicted and then left her. It’s complicated.”

When asked about their two year age difference, Julez allegedly replied,

“N**ga age don’t matter”

Julez Smith

Julez Smith also revealed that Skai Jackson allegedly cheated on him during their relationship.

“She cheated ofc i left.”


While it appears the pair are no longer together, an old photo of Julez and Skai surfaced on social media Saturday (Jan.16).

Skai Jacson, Julez Smith

An alleged video of the former couple has also surfaced. It shows Skai Jackson being poked in the crotch. Several social media users have accused Julez of leaking the video as possible revenge porn. However, it’s unclear who uploaded it to social media.

Skai Jackson

Earlier this week, Julez did a Q&A session on his Instagram Story. Someone asked if he and Skai are still friends. He replied,

“f***k no”


With Julez being the son of singer Solange and nephew to Beyoncé, many people are wondering how his famous family will react to the rumors.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole