Scottie Pippen Denies Tension With Michael Jordan After “The Last Dance” Docu

Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan

Scottie Pippen Denies There’s Tension With Michael Jordan After “The Last Dance” Docu: I Wasn’t Upset About It.

Six time NBA champion and NBA analyst Scottie Pippen shut down rumors that there’s been a rift between he and Michael Jordan after rumors circulated that he was not happy with his portrayal in the documentary ‘The Last Dance’. Scottie Pippen says:

“Why would I be offended by anything that happened 30 years ago? I wasn’t upset about it. It didn’t bother me at all, it was an opportunity for our younger generation that hadn’t seen or knew anything about basketball in the ’90s.”

Back in May, we reported that a source close to Scottie Pippen stated that although he was quiet about his feelings,

“he’s wounded and disappointed.”

He reportedly also felt that the documentary made him look

“underpaid and frustrated.”

The documentary showed how Scottie decided to wait to have surgery on his ankle at the start of the 1997-98 season, which Michael Jordan called “selfish.” Scottie then was accused of holding the team hostage, saying he wouldn’t return unless the Bulls trade him (which didn’t happen).

In an interview in the documentary Pippen says:

“It’s one of those incidents where I wish it never happened. But if I had a chance to do it over again I probably wouldn’t change it.”

For the most part, Michael Jordan spoke highly of Scottie saying that he was the best teammate he’s ever had and acknowledges that he couldn’t have reached the basketball heights he did without Scottie.

Scottie Pippen

The former NBA player who is now an NBA analyst on ESPN’s “The Jump” has picked the Los Angeles Lakers as his favorite, as the league resumes the 2019-2020 season down in Orlando, Florida, to win the championship,

“If you wanted to pick one, I’d say whichever team LeBron James is on. The fact that his experience, his ability to pull a team together, the ability to be dominant. He’s the most dominant player in the game right now with Kevin Durant not being in the game.”

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla