Chloe Bailey Says Music Artists Don’t Make A Lot Of Money In The Industry + Reveals She Is Not Compensated When She Produces Her Own Mucic

Chloe Bailey

Chloe Bailey Says Music Artist Don’t Make A Lot Of Money In The Industry + Reveals She Is Not Compensated When She Produces Her Own Music


It looks like Chloe Bailey is spilling the behind the scenes tea on the music industry!

During a recent interview on YouTube creator, Terrell Grice’s online show, Chloe Bailey, 23, explained that the music industry isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be. The “Treat Me” singer revealed that music artists don’t make a lot of money from simply making music. Most artists nowadays have to rely on brand deals or launching fashion/clothing brands, i.e. Kanye West with his sneakers, Yeezy’s or Rihanna and her makeup line, Fenty Beauty. Chloe explained,

“You can create music all day long, but it’s like especially if you’re signed to a label, you can’t control your release dates or when things get released. Also, musicians don’t make a lot of money in the music industry. That’s why you see a lot of people they have brand deals and brand sponsorships. That’s where the coin comes from and touring but like music itself you’re actually losing money.”

Chloe went on to reveal that she is not financially compensated whenever she producers her own music because she’s considered a “producer within the group.”

“I learned this because I would produce systemized records. Producers outside will get paid a huge lump sum but because I would produce systemized records, I couldn’t get paid because I was the producer within the group.”

Chloe Bailey

On the brighter side, Chloe reflected on the positives of the music industry and the success that can come along with it.

“The good thing is that even though you do lose money in the music business you get a coin from everything that comes from the music you’re making. So it’s like almost the music is the ad you know what I mean so it’s a business and sometimes it’s sad to think of it that way but that’s why tours go big, that’s where you make your money and the big brand deals so that’s like a fact that not too many people know.” 

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Chloe Bailey bursted on the scene with her sister Halle Bailey, 22, after Beyoncé  discovered their music covers on their Youtube channel. Queen Bey quickly became their mentors and signed them to her label, Parkwood Entertainment in 2016. The duo gained further recognition after starring in the sitcom Grown-ish and releasing their debut album The Kids Are Alright.

Chloe Bailey x Halle Bailey

Since then, the talented sisters have chosen to embark on solo careers–with Chloe dropping hits like ‘Have Mercy’ to Halle starring  as Ariel in live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid”–they’re showing us that they can still achieve success whether apart or together!

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Authored by: Monique Nicole