Joe Budden Says Charlamagne Went ‘Out Of His Way’ To ‘Devalue’ Him, Supports Kwame Brown

Joe Budden Says Charlamagne Went ‘Out Of His Way’ To ‘Devalue’ Him, Supports Kwame Brown

It’s safe to say that media personalities Joe Budden and Charlamagne won’t be breaking bread together anytime soon. On the most recent episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, the former rapper turned podcaster criticized Charlamagne and said that he went out of his way to ‘devalue’ him. Joe Budden also brought up Charlamagne’s recent dispute with Kwame Brown and claimed that his apology towards the former NBA player wasn’t sincere. He said,

“I got on Charlamagne because he appeared to go out of his way to devalue me. One of the most prominent voices in this media thing—that one instance it appeared I was down—[ Charlamagne] used all of his platforms and all of his might to continue to push the narrative that… ‘Joe f*cked it up.’”

Joe Budden continued and said that the only reason he’s speaking on his issues with Charlamagne now is that he relates to what Kwame Brown had to say about Charlamagne. He said,

“Now let me be clear, I’m only bringing this up because I listened to Kwame Brown and I feel him. Kwame Brown is saying ‘Yo, y’all are calling me a buster for the past 20 years when my family comes from poverty. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5% of people make it to where I made it to and I accomplished my goal. You can’t speak for what my goals are.’”

He continued,

“I’m listening to that and I’m listening to Charlamagne’s apology and it sounds like he gets it… but I don’t think [Charlamagne] gets it.”

Later on in the episode, Joe Budden added,

“That apology ticked me off”

As previously reported, Charlamagne gave himself ‘Donkey of The Day’ on May 24, after he spoke on Kwame Brown’s dispute with retired NBA star Matt Barnes. During his initial commentary, Charlamagne told listeners of The Breakfast Club personal information about Kwame’s family history including that his father allegedly killed his own girlfriend and his brother allegedly committed a murder-suicide.

Kwame Brown responded to Charlamagne’s apology and said that the radio personality should apologize to Jessica Reid instead, the woman who accused Charlamagne of sexually assaulting her 20 years ago.

During his podcast, Joe Budden added more details into his issues with Charlamagne and claimed that The Breakfast Club co-host has been trying to bring him down for more than 11 years.

“Since 2010 he has sat on that platform kicking my back in when I appeared to be down. Anybody that had anything negative to say, he spoke to them. He added fuel to anything that was negative Joe.”

Joe Budden

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel