Wendy Williams Claims Katt Williams Has a Napoleon Complex: I May Be Tall But I’m Not 4’11”

Wendy Williams Claims Katt Williams Has a Napoleon Complex: I May Be Tall But I’m Not 4’11”

Did Wendy Williams actually claim to agree with Katt Williams after roasting him for being short?

On Tuesday’s (June 8th) episode of The Wendy Williams ShowWendy Williams spoke on Katt Williams. Initially, she first discussed the feud between the pair, including how he named his dog after her. It’s unclear what the catalyst for their feud was, and it appears that the most recent shot Katt Williams took at Wendy Williams was a 2018 allegation of her having a dry genital area.

Wendy stated:

“Okay, so there’s a man that has always had a problem with me. And I only had a problem with him ’cause he had a problem with me. And then he bought a big dog and he named the dog ‘Wendy’–and he let it be known that it was [named] after me. Somebody in our morning meeting said ‘I would consider that an honor.’ I said ‘No no no no, he didn’t mean it as an honor.’ However, I take my name raised up wherever I can get it. I was very flattered!… I’m not fighting with [Katt Williams], I’m just telling a story.”

After this opening anecdote, Wendy proceeded to bring up Katt‘s recent allegations that Cedric The Entertainer stole his joke for the Kings Of Comedy special.

“Now Cedric [The Entertainer], I love you, but I understand what Katt’s saying. Cedric, are you stealing jokes from Katt Williams? Katt was on Headkrack’s show called Morning Hustle, [and he accused Cedric The Entertainer of theft].”

At this point in the episode, a clip of Katt‘s appearance on Morning Hustle appears on screen, where he says:

“It crushed me just because the comedian was already bigger and more famous than me, and he took my closing joke and made it his closing joke on Kings of Comedy. To see my joke being there and not me was about as disrespectful as it gets in our craft, and I took it really personally with Cedric The Entertainer at that time.”

Cedric The Entertainer

Wendy then continues to provide her commentary, initially agreeing with Katt:

“I understand. The thing about Cedric is Cedric knows how to blend in and go along and still hold up his manhood… If I were Katt, I’d be mad too.”

However, Wendy then proceeded to go in on Katt, claiming he isn’t TV-friendly and that he has a Napoleon complex:

“Katt Williams is not daytime-friendly. He’s not TV-friendly, like he’s not that guy. He’s the guy that you go to see after midnight–when you’re full!… You know, he pressed out his hair, and he’s got the tattoos, and–I didn’t say this Katt, ’cause you know I’m tall. That’s where you get your jokes from I guess, but I’m not 4’11”. Sometimes a little man gets a Napoleon complex. Do you understand?”

Despite these comments, Wendy ends her mixed commentary on a note that appears to empathize with Katt‘s allegation:

“It doesn’t matter how many girls he gets, how many times he curses me out, how many times he does this or that or whatever. The point is that [Cedric The Entertainer’s] winning. I guess, off your jokes. That’s one of the most insulting things you can do as a comedian is steal jokes.”

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Authored by: Nick Alexander Fenley