Friday 2nd June 2023

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade To Launch Skincare Line For Kids Of Color Called Proudly

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade To Launch Skincare Line For Kids Of Color Called Proudly

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s latest business venture is one for the kids.

The actress and retired NBA star announced their new skincare line, Proudly, that will cater to children of color.

Proudly, which also features diaper products, is slated to be released via d-to-c (direct to consumer) this year. It will then expand in 2022. Initial Capital and Forerunner Ventures are funding the company, according to Women’s Wear Daily. 

The couple said in a joint statement,

“As we continue to work on new endeavors together, our goal is to always center our work around being the change we want to see while championing diversity, equity and inclusion. With Proudly, we’re proud to have a range of products that caters to the unique skin care needs of children of color that are so often overlooked in the mass market.”

Proudly’s president,  Pamela Cholankeril, also said,

“Effectively, 50.2 percent of kids born after 2013 have one non-white parent. There are so many people in this category of children that have melanated skin with unique properties. It’s interesting we call it a white space when it’s in support of such a big population.”

Proudly will also offer information about its items to parents. Cholankeril added,

“We’re using this as a platform to educate people, one about the specialness of the skin, but for parents to really understand the different types of ingredients that can be beneficial for these types of skin.”

Gabrielle Union also announced the line on Instagram today (June 22nd). She wrote,

“Today @dwyanewade and I are announcing our newest baby: PROUDLY. @theproudlyco is an everyday baby care line created specifically for melanated skin tones. We are truly diverse and representative and couldn’t be prouder about it. #proudly

Dwyane Wade also celebrated with the caption,

“Excited to announce @theproudlyco… the first truly diverse, representative baby products company founded by #TheWades … Excited to share this clean, sustainable baby care brand made specifically for babies and children of color. Link in bio @gabunion#proudly

For now, Gabrielle Union has a natural hair care line called Flawless Curls. Dwyane Wade’s sock line, PKWY, is also sold at Target.

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Authored by: Char Patterson