Karlie Redd Responds To Wendy Williams Calling Her ‘Too Old’ & ‘Washed Up’ For Lamar Odom: If You Want Him Just Say That!

Karlie Redd Responds To Wendy Williams Calling Her ‘Too Old’ & ‘Washed Up’ For Lamar Odom: If You Want Him Just Say That!

Update #2 (June 25th): Karlie Redd has fired back at Wendy Williams’ remarks about her.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star took to Instagram to respond. She wrote,

“Sir Wendell, You said I’m Dusty!! Where? Don’t Let Me Post This Video Of You In A NYC club Snorting… If U Want Lamar Just Say Dat!!”

She even appeared to throw shade at Lamar Odom in the comments when a fan asked about his alleged drug use.

One IG user wrote,

“But he snorted too, right? I thought?”

Karlie Redd replied,

“Exactly! They Make A Perfect Couple [laughing Emoji]

Original Story (June 24th): Wendy Williams has taken aim at Karlie Redd‘s looks and age.

Yesterday (Wednesday, June 23rd), Wendy Williams brought up Lamar Odom and his rumored girlfriend, Karlie Redd. Initially, she discussed the fact that the former NBA star was featured in the trailer for season 10 of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta alongside Karlie Redd–despite denying dating rumors just last month.

She said:

“So, Lamar is featured in the new promo for Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, and it appears that he’s interested in Karlie Redd, although he [denied] that on the show–which I didn’t believe, by the way.”

Wendy Williams continued:

“Now, my chief of Hot Topics said that [LHHATL] is below Lamar’s level. Like he’s lowering himself by being on this show. I said ‘No he’s not! Lamar likes to be out and about, Lamar likes to be famous. He’s gotta take it slow.'”

However, Wendy Williams soon went from discussing LHHATL to discussing Lamar Odom‘s rumored relationship with Karlie Redd. She stated:

“I do not believe he has a relationship with Karlie Redd. Do I believe that they mess around? Yes. Do I believe that she’s trying it? Yes. Do I believe that she’s too old and just a little dusty for him? Yes.”

She added,

“Only because Lamar, you know, Lamar’s a simple guy of simple ways. And Karlie Redd is a strategic conniver. Proven, proven. And I don’t mind that he’s on this show because Lamar wants to be famous–we’re talking about [him] now. One season, Lamar. Make sure that they pay you your proper money, don’t appear on every episode, and please–no matter what you do with Karlie Redd… I don’t wanna see [you two] kiss! I don’t even like [to see you hug]!”

You can watch the episode down below:

Neither Karlie Redd nor Lamar Odom has responded to her claims.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley