Former ‘American Idol’ Finalist Syesha Mercado’s Accuses Florida Authorities Of ‘Legal Kidnapping’ Her Two Children

Syesha Mercado

Former ‘American Idol’ Finalist Syesha Mercado’s Accuses Florida Authorities Of ‘Legal Kidnapping’ Her Two Children

Former ‘American Idol‘ finalist Syesha Mercado is asking for the public’s help after her two children were taken away by Florida authorities. Earlier this year Syesha Mercado and her partner, Tyron Deener, took their 13-month-old child Amen’Ra to a hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. According to reports, the couple was seeking help because their son struggled with the transition from breast milk to solid foods, and was dealing with weight gain issues because of that. Unfortunately, the couple’s hospital visit turned traumatic once they were informed that Amen’Ra’ was being taken into custody by Manatee Child Protective Service for neglect.

Syesha Mercado with her partner Tyron Deener and child Amen’Ra

According to reports, Dr. Sally Smith is responsible for noting concern over the child’s condition. However, Dr. Smith is tied to multiple lawsuits that claim the physician removes children from homes that have no abuse or neglect taking place within them. In 2019, USA Today published a detailed report on their investigation into Dr. Smith for her questionable record.

Manatee Child Protective Services released a statement claiming that they received a call from the hospital stating that Amen’Ra was “severely malnourished,” and his parents refused a needed B-12 shot. Syesha Mercado shared news about the incident via her Instagram page claiming that isn’t the truth and they were never offered a B-12 shot for their child.

Syesha Mercado’s troubles with Florida authorities didn’t end there. On August 11, after giving birth to her second child, policemen surrounded her car and removed her 10-day-old infant daughter from her arms. The Broadway actress shared the disheartening moment to her IG account. In the video, that’s a little over an hour long, Syesha Mercado cried out

“This is so wrong! This is my baby! My baby is healthy and happy! … I’m not a danger to my baby!”

Syesha Mercado and her partner have started a GoFundMe and launched a petition to inform the public of what they are currently going through and seek help from any who can assist them in getting their children home. The GoFundMe states,

“My family and I are just one in countless other stories of legal kidnapping that go unheard and unseen.”


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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel