Candace Owens Slams Testing Facility In Aspen For Denying Her A COVID Test: COVID Is Now Strictly Political

Candace Owens Slams Testing Facility In Aspen For Denying Her A COVID Test: COVID Is Now Strictly Political

Candace Owens has recently put a COVID testing facility on blast for refusing to test.

Yesterday (Wednesday, Sept. 1st), Candace Owens took to Twitter to blast the owner of an Aspen, Colorado testing facility. She initially alleged that she was refused a COVID test due to her political stance.

Candace Owens then proceeded to upload the email in question to her Instagram Story. In part, the email said:

“I’ve just learned of this testing request and as the owner of this business am going to refuse this booking and deny service. We cannot support anyone who has pro-actively worked to make this pandemic worse by spreading misinformation, politicizing and DISCOURAGING the wearing of masks and actively dissuading people from receiving life-saving vaccinations.”

She then uploaded her response to the above email, calling it an “emotionally unstable and hysterical e-mail” and a “virtue-signaling rant.” Candace Owens also wrote:

“Nothing screams ‘I love my community’ quite like refusing to test people who are going to a local event and wish to ensure they are negative and therefore do not spread the virus.”

Candace Owens then continued to discuss the email on Twitter. In her posts, she called COVID “strictly political” and stated:

“So she was willing to let me wander in her community unvaxxed, untested, and without a means to test–why? Because she isn’t afraid. None of you are.”

Additionally, Candace Owens spoke on the matter on Instagram Live. She started the video by claiming she believes in personal freedom and–while she is not vaccinated for COVID-19–has never dissuaded others from getting the vaccine. She also said she complies with wearing her mask in businesses and frequently gets tested.

Candace Owens then proceeded to speak on the email incident, adding:

“This test was booked under my marriage name, so the test was booked under ‘Candace Farmer.’ No way that raised red flags. So this means that this facility actually actively Googled who was booking tests to see who they were. And then they determined ‘Oh my God, Candace Farmer is actually Candace Owens. I am not going to administer this test.'”

She then read the email that the business owner sent her, calling the business owner:

“A Leftist activist and someone who clearly does not care about public health, because if she cared about people in Aspen, she’d be like ‘I hate Candace Owens, but thank God she’s gonna make sure she doesn’t have COVID’… Basically she would rather [have] Candace, who she knows is unvaccinated, walk around Aspen unsure if she has COVID-19 because she needs to make a moral statement that unvaxxed people shouldn’t even be allowed to test for COVID.”


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Authored by: Nick Fenley