MoneyBagg Yo Says He Charges $100K For A Feature After Previously Charging $750


MoneyBagg Yo Says He Charges $100K For A Feature After Previously Charging $750

According to MoneyBagg Yo, yesterday’s price is not today’s price.

The ‘Wockehsa‘ rapper, real name DaMario DeWayne White Jr., says he now charges $100,000 for a feature when he once charged $750.

On Sunday(9/5), MoneyBagg Yo reposted to his story a text conversation about what he used to charge for a feature. In the exchange, someone asked his associate how much the rapper chargers, to which he states $750 but that he would work to get the price lowered.

The price was lowered to $550 but the memory sparked the inspiration for MoneyBagg Yo.

Reposting the story, MoneyBagg Yo said,

“I swear I use to get $750 for a feature, now look, dets a whole nother conversation.” 

In the last year, the Memphis native has consistently climbed the Hip-Hop charts. In April 2021, he released ‘A Gangsta’s Pain, which featured singles like ‘Wockesha‘ and ‘Time Today.

Recently, he also received praise from producer, rapper, and singer Pharrell Williams, who claimed MoneyBagg Yo as his favorite rapper.

Pharrell said on the ‘OTHERtone‘ podcast,

“Moneybagg is my favorite, favorite, favorite, right now.” 

He added jokingly,

“Moneybagg Yo, to me, is like the pocket finder. Whenever he decides that he doesn’t want to rap anymore, he should go into denim — because he has so many pockets. His pockets, fuck! His nickname should be f*****’ denim! He has so many f***in’ pockets. Moneybagg Yo is something else.”

MoneyBagg Yo reposted the clip saying,

“Real Goat Stamped My Life Its Up!”


Do you agree with MoneyBagg Yo increasing his rate for features? Tell us in the comments. 


Authored by: Ellori Nicole