DaBaby’s Entourage Caught Beating Up A Fan On Camera After He Asks The Rapper For A Handshake

DaBaby’s Entourage Caught Beating Up A Fan On Camera After He Asks The Rapper For A Handshake

Did DaBaby have his crew beat up a fan?

Back in May, DaBaby (real name Jonathan Kirk), with his entourage in tow, attended a friend’s birthday celebration at a strip club in L.A. While in the parking lot of La Vida Gentleman’s Club, a fan approached the rapper and asked to shake his hand. However, CCTV footage caught DaBaby‘s crew chasing the man away as the rapper followed. DaBaby then got into an SUV and–seconds later–his entourage began beating up the fan.

The CCTV footage also caught DaBaby‘s crew get into another physical altercation at the same venue. After another fan attempted to break up the first fight, he was also targeted and beaten. The footage then showed the attackers fleeing the scene.

It is also worth noting that, while his entourage attacked the men, DaBaby himself was not actively involved in either of the altercations. However, while the rapper may have been in the car, an onlooker claimed DaBaby knew exactly what his men were going to do:

“DaBaby said something and made gestures before he went inside the SUV for his goons to handle the situation forcibly.”

The onlooker added:

“[The first fight] happened because DaBaby has that persona where he doesn’t want to be involved with anything without his permission… The fan was simply that, just a fan who wanted to shake his hand and the situation was escalated because the guy was a little bit drunk and belligerent.”

Both victims were left with “lumped up” faces, and one reportedly had his gold chain snatched as well.

DaBaby has not publicly acknowledged the situation.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley