Garcelle Beauvais Breaks Down Over The Treatment Of Haitian Migrants Attempting To Cross The Border: ‘I Am Outraged & Angry’

Garcelle Beauvais Breaks Down Over The Treatment Of Haitian Migrants Attempting To Cross The Border: ‘I Am Outraged & Angry’

“Is this the United States of America that we know?”

That is the question Garcelle Beauvais and the hosts of daytime talk, The Real said many are asking as the Haitian migrant crisis continues.

Actress and Haiti native, Garcelle Beauvais became emotional today (9/23), on The Real as she opened up about the disturbing photos of Haitian migrants attempting to cross the border in Del Rio, Texas.

Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais said

“I am beyond emotional today. My heart is breaking as I see the shocking images from Texas where immigrants from my homeland of Haiti are being treated so inhumanely. The United Nations is even speaking out.”

As she started to cry, Beauvais continued,

“Ladies I can’t tell you, I posted on my IG story today, I am outraged, I am angry. I hashtagged Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I voted for them…And to see my people being treated this way…they are fleeing because of the earthquakes, because of the disasters, because of the political unrest, and this is how they are being treated. They are being treated like they are criminals. They’re being treated [like]…I feel like I’m watching a slave movie.”

She added,

“These patrol officers are on horseback and they are whipping people, innocent people who want to be treated fairly and get food. And it breaks my heart and I am ashamed that this is how Americans are treating other immigrants.” 

Garcelle Beauvais, who is a Haitian immigrant, also expressed how hard it was for her and her family when they first came to America. She said,

“I came as an immigrant and I didn’t speak a word of English. My mom brought us here for a better life and we work so hard when we’re immigrants. We work so hard and were proud to be in America and this is not okay.” 

Following her comments, Loni Love also mentioned that the U.S. is reportedly setting up flights to send migrants back to Haiti although they are supposed to be given due process under asylum.

Loni Love

Meanwhile, Jeannie Mai added,

“It is also terrible that the media is portraying immigrants as criminals. Let’s be very clear to begin that seeking asylum is not a crime. Everybody has the right to feel protected and safe.” 

Jeannie Mai

Before ending, Love apologized to Beauvais on ‘behalf of the United States’ and also said,

“A country will not be blessed when you mishandle other people.”

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Authored by: Ellori Nicole