Tiger Woods Made ‘Remarkable Recovery’ After Car Crash, Source Says: He Knows When He Wants To Return To Golf

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Made ‘Remarkable Recovery’ After Car Crash, Source Says: He Knows When He Wants To Return To Golf

While Tiger Woods’ injury from his car crash potentially threatened his long-running golf career, he’s said to have made an impressive recovery!

Tiger Woods was involved in a car crash near Ranchos Palos Verdes, California back in February. He had to be pulled from his SUV, which suffered “major damage” in the single-vehicle rollover crash. Speed was reportedly a factor as he was allegedly going 80mph, twice the legal limit in the area. He reportedly had no memory of what took place, and authorities determined a criminal investigation wasn’t necessary.

He was the only occupant of the SUV and was transported to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center by ambulance to be treated for “moderate to critical” injuries suffered in the crash. He had to undergo several surgeries and was hospitalized for “multiple leg injuries.” He went home nearly a month later.


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As his road to recovery continues, an insider said,

“Tiger has made a remarkable recovery in the past few months, but it’s even more significant lately. It’s like every day he can do more, he can handle more, the pain is less and he’s feeling better.”

They continued and said that he has been faithful with his physical therapy, which has helped his recovery journey, stating:

“He says that the pain is very manageable now. For the first couple months, he’d just be sitting at home with his leg up, and it would be throbbing and he’d be in so much pain. Now he still has pain, but it’s nothing like what he dealt with before. He’s feeling strong and healthy and optimistic that he’ll be able to return to tour.”

While his exact return date isn’t known, the pro golfer is said to have a date in mind. The insider added,

“He’s got a timeframe in his head, but he’s not really putting that out there; he knows when he wants to return, and he’s going to make it happen. He says even if he’s not at 100%, he knows how important it is to get back out there and compete. That’s his goal.”

Meanwhile, he is in “really great spirits, feeling really good about his recovery,” the source said.
We’re glad to see Tiger Woods doing well!


Authored by: Char Patterson