La La Anthony Says Carmelo Anthony Split ‘Came Out Of Nowhere’: I Was Caught Off Guard + Says She & The NBA Star Are Still Friends & Have A Group Chat W/ Their Son

La La Anthony Says Carmelo Anthony Split ‘Came Out Of Nowhere’: I Was Caught Off Guard + Says She & The NBA Star Are Still Friends & Have A Group Chat W/ Their Son

La La Anthony addressed a variety of personal topics during a recent sit-down with Angie Martinez!

As previously reportedLa La Anthony filed for divorce from NBA star Carmelo Anthony back in June. The pair had been married since 2010, and they share 14-year-old son, Kiyan.

La La, Carmelo, and son Kiyan

Last month, La La Anthony opened up about getting a new place for her and Kiyan in the wake of the divorce filing. Regarding her new home, the 42-year-old stated:

“It’s a new place where Kiyan and I are loving and enjoying it. It has been really great. It is expensive, but we live in New York. I’m used to it; I’m from New York, I know how it goes.”

Now, La La is continuing to dish on her life as a single woman. Yesterday (Monday, Oct. 11th), La La Anthony appeared on The Angie Martinez Show, and said:

“I haven’t really talked much about this, but I am in a new phase and chapter of my life. I didn’t think at this phase I would be entering into being single and dating and trying to see what life is like. I didn’t think that was gonna happen… I was locked into my marriage, [but] things happen. So now I gotta readjust–I can’t be out here looking kookoo crazy! I’m trying to get some DMs poppin’, I’m tryin’ to see what’s going on!”

La La Anthony

Despite “trying to get some DMs poppin'”, La La revealed that she’s also learned some of the less exciting aspects of being single:

“Sometimes I can pull DMs up with friends of mine and it’s the same message in each one of our DMs from a person. Like what are you just copy and pasting?… It’s literally the same exact message–word for word, emoji and everything!”

She later added:

“I’m just trying to figure out what is my space in this new world of dating. I don’t know, guys don’t really put the same amount of effort in anymore. It’s too easy to DM like ‘Come through.’… But I promise you, I say it’s the Wild Wild West out here!”

La La Anthony then shared that, despite their split, she and Carmelo Anthony still share a close friendship:

“We started as best friends [and] I love that we still have that friendship. We’re raising a kid together–it’s no drama with us, there’s no beef. I talk to him as I talk to my close friend, and we still have that. And that’s important because I want Kiyan to be able to see that part.”

Carmelo and La La Anthony

She also shared how their son, Kiyan, is dealing with the situation:

“It’s a transition, but I think now it’s been long enough where he’s used to it… As long as we have our family group text and we get along great and he sees that, that makes him feel good. It’s not like I’m talking bad about his dad or vice-versa. We would never do that… And anytime I gotta curse him out, I just don’t do it in the group chat!”

Kiyan Anthony

La La then opened up about some of the harder parts of her and Carmelo‘s split, saying she “didn’t expect” it:

“It was bad because it was public… that s**t hit me really hard. You never know [what someone’s going through]. It came out of nowhere. It wasn’t expected. I’ve heard so many times, like even a lawyer said once ‘Well, he’s a basketball player, what did you expect?’ And I’m like ‘To be honest, I didn’t expect that.’ I didn’t go into this marriage expecting that, so I was caught off guard.”

You can watch the full interview down below:

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Authored by: Nick Alexander Fenley