Yvonne Orji Called Out As Fan Says She’s ‘The Meanest Celebrity’ She’s Ever Met, Actress Apologizes

Yvonne Orji Called Out As Fan Says She’s ‘The Meanest Celebrity’ She’s Ever Met, Actress Apologizes

Insecure star Yvonne Orji is getting called out as one fan’s meanest celebrity they’ve ever met.

A social media user, @thecrystaluncut, responded to a question of who was the meanest star they’ve met, and recounted an interaction she had with Yvonne Orji. She tweeted yesterday (Monday, Oct. 11):

“I met Yvonne Orji at a WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE. She was about to give her speech and I asked for a pic while she was waiting. She said no. I respect her privacy, move on and take my seat in the front row.”

But the incident didn’t end there – @thecrystaluncut added,

“She gets to the part of her speech about being persistent. She’s like “I only got to where I got because I never took no for an answer.” And then she gestures over to me and says something like “That girl wanted a picture with me, but I said no. If she were more intentional about what she wants, maybe she’d have her pic.””

She explained,

“In the moment I was like uhh that was rude. I thought she might come up to me and be like oh I was joking and take the pic but no. That put a bad taste in my mouth about her forever. And I didn’t even want the pic that bad! I just thought it would be cool to post on my story”

She added that a story from Gabrielle Union encouraged her not to press Yvonne Orji too hard for a photo.

Gabrielle Union

@thecrystaluncut wrote,

“One last thing — I had JUST read Gabrielle Union’s first book. There’s a part where she stepped away from dinner with her friend who was dying of cancer to take a pic w a fan and she still regrets it. So I was trying to be extra sensitive I was proud for walking away so quickly”

She backed her story and continued,

“It is not fake! I don’t remember the EXACT words she said so maybe it wasn’t exactly as harsh as I typed it but it did definitely happen. The speech was being recorded too but I can’t find it on the internet anywhere.”  

She ultimately found the video and shared it. In the clip, Yvonne Orji said,

“Here’s the thing, I hate the word no. I do, I do. And I know I told you no when you asked for a picture, but…God bless it. After this talk you’ll see why I’m like, you should’ve asked for more. You should have just kept going. But, I hate the word no because I don’t know the source of the no.”

@thecrystaluncut clarified,

“My words were not correct in the first tweet (I knew I didn’t remember exactly, as indicated by me saying she said “something like”) and she did not call me “that girl.” Yet STILL somehow the actual video is more painful. Why is she pointing?!”

Yvonne Orji responded and told her,

“Hey Crystal, I’m saddened that’s how you left the event feeling after an encounter with me. Truly wasn’t my intention to make you feel anything less than the beautiful woman you are.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson