‘RHONY’ Reunion Was Axed After Eboni K. Williams Filed A Racism Complaint Against Ramona Singer

‘RHONY’ Reunion Was Axed After Eboni K. Williams Filed A Racism Complaint Against Ramona Singer

The drama between Eboni K. Williams and Ramona Singer is still going strong!

As you may know, season 13 of The Real Housewives of New York City featured the franchise’s first Black apple-holder: Eboni K. Williams. It’s also worth noting that last month, Bravo confirmed RHONY would not have an end-of-season reunion for the first time in Housewives history. At the time, scheduling conflicts were cited as a reason behind the decision–though more information about the matter is now coming to light.

According to recent reports, RHONY‘s season 13 reunion was originally postponed due to an internal investigation against Ramona Singer. It turns out that–shortly before the reunion was set to tape–Eboni K. Williams filed a complaint against her costar, and the reunion was continually postponed to allow an investigation into the matter.

Ramona Singer

Eboni K. Williams

In the end, Ramona Singer was cleared due to a lack of evidence to corroborate Eboni‘s racism complaint. However, by the time the investigation concluded, many production members felt as though it was too late to go through with the reunion. Reportedly, one widespread sentiment was that the season already suffered low ratings, so there was a concern of who would watch the reunion three months later.

Last week, Eboni addressed the absence of a season 13 reunion while speaking to the paparazzi, saying she’s ready to handle “unfinished business” next season:

“I am [disappointed]–I’m not gonna sugarcoat that. I feel like not having a reunion was a missed opportunity. Every city of every season of every ‘Housewives’ show has had one, and I don’t think there’s any reason why New York season 13 shouldn’t have had one. That said, all it means is there’s more unfinished business to pursue for season 14–and I’m here for it.”

Eboni K. Williams

She continued:

“Everything that the viewers saw, obviously I saw and experienced. I think that it would be a moment of missed authenticity for my castmates to not be able to address [the situation] in their own terms and have that back and forth. We’re all adults, and so I think the opportunity to discuss what happened, what transpired, is essential to the authentication of season 13 of ‘RHONY’–and I look forward to it… I have my experience, and I look forward to understanding and hearing about the experiences of my castmates.”

Eboni has been vocal in the past about challenging RHONY‘s status quo as the series’ first Black Housewife. During an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND earlier this year, the 38-year-old TV personality responded to viewers’ accusations of her bringing up race too often:

“Not my problem! And this is what I mean by it: this is my work. This is my life’s work!… I invite other Black women to join this platform, I am in active recruitment of it, and I don’t know if I’ll be back for another season. I don’t know if I’ll be invited, and I don’t know if I’ll accept it. But as long as I hold the apple, I’m going to use the platform according to my discretion. And my discretion is that they were allowed to have an all-white, pretty ridiculous f***ing show for 12 years, that I enjoyed, too! But now I’m here… Imma talk about Black excellence all day, and won’t anybody shame me about it–including other Black folks. But the microaggressions and some of the more traumatic elements of the Black experience are only being brought up because my castmates are stepping in it.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley