Tristan Thomspon Allegedly Told His Third Rumored Baby Momma To Have An Abortion

Tristan Thomspon Allegedly Told His Third Rumored Baby Momma To Have An Abortion

Sacramento Kings center Tristan Thompson’s recent paternity lawsuit scandal continues to unravel.

Tristan Thompson allegedly told the woman who’s supposedly carrying his third child to get an abortion. Court documents have revealed that the woman–who’s name is Maralee Nichols–has formally offered to include her text messages in their paternity lawsuit. According to the documents, the text messages are between Tristan and Maralee and will prove that Tristan urged Maralee to terminate the pregnancy. The court documents state:

“It is also apparent from the context and substance of these communications that they are from Tristan to Maralee, which reflects that Tristan is addressing the parties’ relationship, and even with respect to her pregnancy insisting that she get an abortion and threatening that she will get next to nothing with lesser support requirements in Texas.”

The documents also state that while Tristan acknowledged that his contact information is listed on the text messages, he claims did not send them.

Maralee is well into her pregnancy, and her due date happens to be today (Dec. 3). She is already seeking child support from Tristan and filed the lawsuit prior to her expected delivery date. Maralee–a Houston native–claims that the child was conceived while Tristan was visiting the city for his 30th birthday.

Tristan has denied engaging with Maralee sexually on more than one occasion. However, Maralee alleges that their sexual relationship began prior to his 30th birthday and even continued after she fell pregnant. She also claims that she flew to Los Angeles to be with him multiple times.

Earlier this year, Tristan filed a request to order Maralee to take a paternity test, which she still hasn’t taken. Tristan has agreed to pay child support if the test proves that the child is his.

Tristan has a 4-year-old son–Prince Thompson with–social media influencer Jordan Craig. He also has a 3-year-old daughter–True Thompson–with reality star Khloé Kardashian. The pair was reportedly still together when the child in question was conceived.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya