Spike Lee On If He Will Do A “He Got Game” Sequel & Denzel Washington’s Response

Denzel Washington, Spike Lee, and Ray Allen

Spike Lee Shares That Denzel Washington Does Not Want To Reprise His Role As Jake Shuttlesworth For The “He Got Game” Sequel

Is it time for another Spike Lee joint?

Spike Lee

During the annual  NBA All-Star weekend, director and producer Spike Lee was asked if fans would get a sequel for the fan-favorite, “He Got Game.”

The 1998 sports drama was written, produced, and directed by Spike Lee. The film tracks Denzel Washington’s character Jake Shuttlesworth after spending six years in prison for accidentally killing his wife during a domestic violence dispute. This gruesome occurrence orphaned Shuttlesworth’s son, a star basketball prospect played by Ray Allen. The prison warden offers Shuttlesworth a chance at a reduced prison sentence if, while on parole, Shuttlesworth can convince his estranged son to attend the governor’s alma mater.

Denzel Washington

In 2020, Spike Lee and NBA champion Ray Allen were in early conversations regarding a sequel to the staple film. However, it appears Denzel Washington is not interested in reprising his role as Jake Shuttlesworth.

Spike Lee tells NBA commentators:

“Denzel says he’s not doing it.”

Are you interested in a  “He Got Game” sequel without Denzel Washington? 

Authored by: Hannah Hayes