EXCLUSIVE: Cynthia Bailey On Her Biggest ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Regret 

Cynthia Bailey & Daughter Noelle

EXCLUSIVE: Cynthia Bailey On Her Biggest ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Regret

Cynthia Bailey is getting candid about her reality TV regrets.

theJasmineBrand exclusively reports the one regret of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey while filming the show.

During a recent sit down with theJasmineBrand, reality TV star Cynthia Bailey opened up about regrets during her 11 season run on RHOA. Stating that her only regret has to do with her daughter Noelle Robinson.

Noelle Robinson, Cynthia Bailey

After being asked:

“do you have any concerns just about how different things are from your experience based on her [Noelle] experience you know having a mother that has this platform that has this voice that is very well known
The 55-year-old personality responded:

“100% – umm. and i really um don’t really love to talk about it because i don’t like to talk about regrets in my life….i do have one on the real housewives of atlanta and it’s where we filmed her going to college for her first time”

She continued:

“I remember the night before I had a few people over to send her off….she literally was like upstairs in her room like having a panic attack crying like and i had to, in that moment, you know pretty much shut down the cameras and  tell everyone to leave ….my child really needs me right now…. the cameras can’t go with this on this….like i gotta like shut it down and and really be present and i did that”


Cynthia goes on to describe the aftermath of having a production team at her daughters college drop off. Stating that all the attention had people wanting to befriend Noelle just because of her attachment to the show, and how she came to the conclusion she was doing too much stating:
“In a way just yeah just doing too much but thinking we’re doing something great….so when you ask me that you know, and i don’t want to get emotional….i literally felt so bad that i made her college experience such a fiasco”

Noelle Robinson, Cynthia Bailey

The interviewer goes on to ensure Cynthia that despite her feelings of regret, she personally related greatly to Noelle’s college experience. Ultimately thanking them both, that her story was featured on the show.
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Authored by: Kay Johnson