Dave Chappelle’s Security Company That Failed To Stop Attacker Was The Same Company That Worked At Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival

Dave Chappelle–Security Company That Failed To Stop Attacker Was The Same One That Worked At Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival

The security company used for the Netflix Is a Joke comedy festival where Dave Chappelle was attacked onstage is reportedly the same company that provided security for Travis Scott’s 2021 Astroworld Festival.

It’s been nearly one week since Dave Chappelle was attacked while performing on stage and it appears some new information has surfaced that now leaves several questions for the well known security company that was set in place to guard the event. The security company called into question is Contemporary Services Corporation. The company is one of North America’s largest event-security companies, which has provided crowd protection at thousands of concerts, performances, and sporting events across the US, including Coachella and the Super Bowl.

Dave Chappelle

Reportedly, comedian Tehran Von Ghasri said CSC security guard ignored his warning that a man with a backpack breached a barrier. Ghasri said,

“She shrugged me off. And within a minute, [Isaiah Lee] had hoisted himself onstage and knocked Chappelle down.”

Another person who worked the show told sources there was no legitimate hiring process and safety protocols were ignored in the name of speediness.

“We were told there was going to be a big crowd and to get them in as fast as possible. There were no details on what that meant and how to do it—just get them in as fast as possible.”

As previously reported, while performing at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, Dave Chappelle was attacked by a man named Isaiah Lee who charged the stage. The comedian tussled on the stage floor before Lee ran away behind a screen on stage. Security then tackled and subdued the man. Isaiah Lee was later removed in an ambulance due to an apparent arm injury and bruises on his face. Lee was able to bring in a replica handgun containing a knife in his bag before making his way onto the stage.

Contemporary Services Corp.– which bills itself as the “world leader in crowd management and event security for the entertainment and sporting event industries,” has reportedly been sued dozens of times by attendees, employees, and victims’ families for claims including negligence, personal injury, battery, and assault, as well as labor law violations. Some cases are ongoing, and in others, CSC has denied allegations of wrongdoing and settled.

It turns out, the company was also used to secure Travis Scott’s 2021 Astroworld Festival that ended with 10 people being crushed to death following a crowd surge. The tragedy came with public scrutiny as well as multiple lawsuits against Travis Scott, Live Nation, the venue as well as the security company. CSC came under fire for that event as well after their hiring process was called out by those who worked security at the event.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole