T.I. & Tiny’s Son King Gets Into Explosive Argument With Restaurant Employees: I’ll Pistol Whip A Motherf***er! [VIDEO]

T.I., Tiny, King

T.I. & Tiny’s Son King Gets Into Explosive Argument With Restaurant Employees: This Ain’t Yo F****ing Restaurant!

T.I. and Tiny’s son King Harris is all grown up and getting into trouble.

The Family Hustle star hopped on his instagram live recently during a verbal altercation with restaurant employees where he was dining. King Harris, 17, is first seen in the video, seemingly explaining something. Shortly after, a restaurant worker is heard telling the young rapper:

“You can talk like that outside”

To which King responded:

“Aye I can talk however the f**k I want to wherever I’m at”

King Harris

He continued:

“I’m on live shawty stop talking to me.”

The worker, who identifies herself by the first name Jennifer, then rebuttals to the reality star:

“Then stop talking to me in my restaurant”

To which King responded with laughter, declaring repeatedly:

“This ain’t yo f***ing restaurant!”

As the video continues, the reality star goes on to flaunt his celebrity status, mock the workers pay, and threatens another employee who attempts to intervene.

At one point in the video, King states:

“Everything you make I can pull out my pocket right now I ain’t trippin on you”

In another:

“My name King you know it and yo mamma know it.”

By the video’s end, King is seen getting physically riled up, telling the employee:

“Come on, I’ll show you what I’ll do….I’m outside….N***as talking like they like that, they ain’t like that…[I’ll] pistol whip a motherf***er”

And continued:

“Wait til I come back in the late night and its just you and I slap you up “

King Harris

As the video ends there, it’s unclear if the incident escalated any further. Musicians T.I. and Tiny were posted up with their son earlier today (May 27th), celebrating his scholastic achievements. King recently partook in the Dutchtown high-school graduation ceremony where he graduated early from.

Tiny, King, T.I.

It seems the young artist, who goes by the stage name Kid Saiyan, is following his parents musical footsteps. King has released a few videos to his Youtube page, most recently releasing a single title “Talk To Ya” ft. Luh P90.

Neither T.I. nor Tiny have publicly commented on King’s behavior in the video.

What are your thoughts on King’s actions towards the restaurant workers? Give them to us in the comments section.

Authored by: Kay Johnson