Lebron James – Instagram Model Blasts Him For Lurking On Her Page & Allegedly Sliding In Her DM’s, Social Media Reacts

Lebron James, Ghazal

Lebron James – Instagram Model Blasts Him For Lurking On Her Page & Allegedly Sliding In Her DM’s, Social Media Reacts

An instagram model is making some strong accusations against married NBA star Lebron James.

According to justghazal_ on insta, the Lakers champ was caught watching her stories, and has allegedly sent her DM’s. The woman, whose name is reportedly Ghazal Tavoosi, posted a screenshot of the basketball player’s insta handle, KingJames watching her stories. After social media users gave her major backlash, reminding her that the 37-year-old athlete is happily married, she took things a step further, claiming to have DM receipts as well.

Ghazal Tavoosi

The saga began after the fashion entrepreneur seemingly attempted to call James out for “lurking” on her page. Accompanied with a screenshot of the view, Tavoosi captioned the post:

“Every day a new rapper/ athlete creepin….GM to ya’ll….Still a no for me”

However things quickly took a turn for the fashionista as her post, and page, was flooded with “clout chasing” accusations. As many pointed out, popular instagram reels and posts are algorithmically spread on the social platform. It’s not unusual that a celeb would run across her page that boasts over 102k followers. Still, an individual would have to go to another’s page personally to watch stories.

Lebron James, Savannah James

That didn’t stop social media users from believing Tavoosi just wanted some clickbait, however.

Subsequent the less than favorable response to her post, Tavoosi went on the suggest she actually has DM’s from the all-star. After one user suggested James’s action didn’t warrant the response from the influencer, she responded:

“P.S. Out of all the comments This is the one. Lol (Anytime honey) Ya’ll losing your minds over a story..imagine if I hit you with the DM’s.”

Just last month, the Ohio hoop star penned a sweet message to his beautiful wife of 9 years Savannah James. In the lengthy letter posted to his instagram account, he wrote:

“Quick letter to my Queen, Simply just letting you know that I appreciate you more than this world has to offer!! Been my holding this sh*t down from the very first jump ball! With all the BS that comes into our lives throughout the years and on the daily you’ve never waved, fluttered or allow yourself to simply not be strong for me, us but more importantly YOU!!”

Savannah James, Lebron James

He continued:
This is my appreciation post to you my Queen because I’m simply letting you and the world know I ain’t sh*t without you! All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend aka best friend aka wife! Love, King”

The parents of three usually tend to keep a low profile and mostly steer clear of cheating rumors and other marital accusations. Despite a few inevitable attempts over the years.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson