Eddie Murphy’s ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Sequel Casts Taylour Paige & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Taylour Paige, Eddie Murphy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Eddie Murphy’s ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Sequel Casts Taylour Paige & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Netflix recently confirmed two movie stars set to join Eddie Murphy in the next sequel to the Beverly Hills Cop franchise.

According to reports, the streaming giant announced that Zola actress Taylour Paige, 31, and Snowden star Joseph Gordon – Levitt, 41, will appear alongside Murphy, who is reprising his role as Axel Foley in the action comedy film.

Back in September of 2017, rumors began to circulate that a fourth installment to the popular franchise may be happening. Many were excitingly skeptical as the third movie, Beverly Hills Cop 3 was released over a decade prior in 1994. However in 2019, Netflix confirmed they “absolutely” had plans to pursue the film, and it seems things are finally coming together!

The original movie, starring Murphy and released in 1984, followed the story of a Detroit cop who traveled to Beverly Hills to solve his friends murder. In January of last year, the 61-year-old film star spoke about the franchise’s next installment, stating:

“Right now, they are writing a script. They are getting a script together….We don’t have a start date, but we have directors and we have producers — and we have writers working on it,”

He continued:

“Axel Foley is ready to go. All we need is a script.”

Reportedly, there is still no expected release date for the film. However, the film is confirmed to be in production and will reportedly begin filming sometime this week.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson