John Boyega: I Will Only Date Black Women

John Boyega Shares His ‘Disciplined’ Rules When Choosing A Potential Partner: I Only Date Black

John Boyega has opened up about the rules women must abide by to date him. 

John Boyega

According to reports, actor John Boyega admitted to being “very disciplined” when searching for a potential lover. John Boyega also uses his parents’ relationship as inspiration when dating. The 30-year-old said:

“I only date black, then it’s about chemistry, personality, goals. Is there a synergy? Can I help you? Can you help me?”

The Star Wars actor continued:

“I’m very disciplined in the type of women I speak to. They don’t want you in their business. Being in the public eye, they would prefer if you had the wife and family. It’s the ultimate PR package.”

He added: 

“But my parents have been together for 35 years. There’s nothing that this world can do in terms of pressure to make me be inspired by anything else but my parents.”

The United Kingdom native admitted that he made finding love a priority since he turned 30 earlier this year, while joking about being a ladies man back in college. Boyega also spoke about the difficulty of dating someone in public. While doing promotion for Star Wars: The Force Awakens on The Graham Norton Show he said the advice granted to him was to ‘try and secure the love of your life’ before becoming a superstar. 

Speaking of Black people, as previously reported, Boyega alleged producer Barbara Broccoli will never cast a Black man for the role of James Bond. In a recent podcast, Boyega was questioned if he’d consider playing James Bond. He said:

He continued:

“You as a white man grew up in a society as a white man and that’s normal. That’s normal to you. Even the mention of a black Bond is like ‘Oh, okay’.”

The London native, born John Adedayo Bamidele Adegboyega, added:

“I don’t necessarily believe that but if that’s what they’re doing then that is very surprising to me. As an actor, you kind of just stay out of that conversation. But if it’s for you then maybe. But if not then you just enjoy it in a movie theatre like everyone else.” 

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill