T.I. Asks DJ Akademiks To Meet w/Him “Man To Man” After He Referred To Reginae Carter As “These B*tches” During Live Stream: She Is MY Business

T.I., DJ Akademiks, Reginae Carter

T.I. Asks DJ Akademiks To Meet w/Him “Man To Man” After He Referred To Reginae Carter As “These B*tches” During Live Stream: She Is MY Business

Southern rap star T.I. is not here for recent comments made by DJ Akademiks.

The Atlanta native hopped on Instagram live recently to publicly request a meet up with Akademiks, claiming the media personality has been dodging his phone calls. T.I., born Clifford Harris, stated he wants to speak “man to man” with Akademiks, born Livingston Allen, to exchange perspectives after he referred to the rappers chosen niece Reginae Carter as “b*tches” during a recent live stream.

DJ Akademiks

Akademiks first caught flack for his comment from Reginae’s mother, actress and reality TV star Toya Johnson, who shares Reginae with hip hip icon Lil Wayne. While discussing Reginae’s choice of dating preferences, Akademiks stated:

“She loved the hood n*gga, he had thug life tatted across his chest. I think even Wayne had thug life tatted across his chest….she loved that n*gga man. You know theses b*tches, let me not call her a b*tch, you know these chicks be like they love a hood n*gga – of course they love a hood n*gga, til that n*gga facing 25 to life.”


The podcaster was referring to Reginae’s time dating rapper YFN Lucci, who is currently in Atlanta jail awaiting trial for a murder charge. Following the live, Reginae’s mother Toya posted a warning for the podcaster not to speak on her daughter. In the since deleted post, she wrote:

“I can’t stand men that do b*tch sh*t. Keep my daughter name out your mouth. Clout chasing is all an all time high. Let her live her 23 yr old life. Worry about you and yours. Thanks”

Toya Johnson, Reginae Carter

And captioned the post:

I hate when I let people take me out my character but one thing about it I don’t play about my kids. @akademiks stop playing with my child. You to grown to be worrying about what a 23 yr old doing. Calling her a b*tch and all that sh*t is not cool. You men worse than females and this sh*t is getting out of hand.”

Doubling down on protecting Reginae, T.I. also responded to the comment. The musician posted a lengthy instagram live session where he claimed Akademiks wasn’t responding to him reaching out to speak on the situation regarding his “niece”. Reginae and Toya appeared frequently on T.I.’s VHI reality series The Family Hustle, and remain close family to he and his wife Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris.

Speaking on the matter, the “Live Your Life” rapper stated:

“I would love to have a word with Akademiks. I put a call out to him; hopefully we can communicate our way to a positive resolution,”

And captioned the post:

“side not: @akademiks Please find the time to Get wir me … I’d love to chat about the remarks you made about my niece. @itsreginaecarter Let’s exchange perspectives…man to man & see if you depart with the same conclusion. She was raised by a village who loves and protects her wit all our physical and spiritual abilities… She is MY business. Hence why I’d love to handle the matter privately (which is why I been calling & txtn trying to speak with you)…. Looking forward to the opportunity to get together SOON. .Thx in advance. 

It’s unclear if the two were ever able to speak to one another privately. However Akademiks did respond to TIP’s post via Youtube, stating:

“I don’t know what he’s gonna say, I think he’s probably gonna diss me like everybody else and it’s fine I might just hand my head in like shame for a minute….I love T.I….he’s one of my favorite musicians ever…for people like T.I. I’ll give him lot of grace because I think he’s a legend.”

Akademiks full response can be viewed below:


Do you think a talk with uncle TIP will change Akademiks perspective about his comments on Reginae? Let us know in the comments section! 

Authored by: Kay Johnson