Nick Cannon Says Kyrie Irving Is Definitely Not Anti-Semitic & That His Conditions To Return To The NBA Are “Dehumanizing”

Nick Cannon, Kyrie Irving

Nick Cannon Says Kyrie Irving Is Definitely Not Anti-Semitic & That His Conditions To Return To The NBA Are “Dehumanizing”

Media personality Nick Cannon believes Kyrie Irving is being made to be an example.

The Masked Singer host said as much during a recent podcast interview where he was asked about the basketball star’s latest controversy. As previously reported, 30-year-old Kyrie Irving has been in the hot seat since sharing a link to a documentary many have reported is anti-semitic. However, Nick Cannon, 42, says despite sharing the film he doesn’t believe the athlete meant any harm.

While speaking with the leader of the Jewish anti-defamation league, the Wild N’ Out creator stated:

“I Can Wholeheartedly Say I Know Kyrie Irving Is Not Anti-Semitic,”

Cannon is subsequently asked why he thinks Irving would share the documentary when it “dehumanizes” Jews by denouncing the holocaust. Reportedly, the film questions the historical accuracy of the tragic event, that saw Nazi leader Hitler orchestrating the mass murder of over 6 million people. In response, Cannon rebutted that Irving’s punishment is dehumanizing him in the same way. He stated:

“In that same statement as ‘those are the tropes that dehumanized Jewish people’, the same buck breaking….[when] the slave master’s would bring the buck – the one that gets out of line so all the others would see lash after lash –  showed them the power to set an example [of] this is what you must do to fall in line,”


He continued:

“So when we see the six things that Kyrie must do to get his job back, that’s dehumanizing.” 

Following a temporary suspension by the Nets and Nike, Irving was also issued a list of stipulations to be completed before he can be reinstated. Of them, includes a $500k donation to anti-hate causes, anti-semitic training, and meeting with the Nets owner to “demonstrate understanding”.

Several influential NBA players, including Irving’s former team mate Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics, stated the punishment seems harsh for the action. Brown, who just a few months ago left Kanye West’s Donda Sports amid his anti-semitic controversy, stated:

“I don’t believe Kyrie Irving is anti semitic….The terms for his return, they seem like a lot, and a lot of the players expressed discomfort with the terms. He made a mistake. He posted something. There was no distinction.”

Brown added that he anticipates the National Basketball Player Association will appeal Irving’s punishment. Still, other athletes such as Lebron James, Shaquille O’Neal, and Charles Barkley have been highly critical of Irving.

The NBA nor the the Brooklyn Nets have indicated plans to repeal Irving’s sanction at this time.

Do you agree with Nick Cannon that Kyrie’s punishment is dehumanizing? Tell us in the comments. 

Authored by: Kay Johnson