21 Savage Says Takeoff’s Death Was A Wake-Up Call As He Reflects On How Short Life Can Be: A Lot Of Feuds & Arguments Don’t Be Worth It In The End

21 Savage Says Takeoff’s Death Was A Wake-Up Call As He Reflects On How Short Life Can Be: A Lot Of Feuds & Arguments Don’t Be Worth It In The End

21 Savage is opening up and sharing his thoughts on Takeoff’s untimely death.

During a recent interview with DJ Akademiks, 21 Savage shared his thoughts on the sudden passing of Migos member Takeoff and how the tragic incident may have served a bigger purpose. He said,

“I feel like it was a freak accident, 1,000% but I also feel like that sh*t was an eye opener for them ni**as too…They had all the b*lls**t going on…I feel certain sh*t happens for certain reasons.”

21 Savage continued,

“I don’t want to say it like he was a sacrifice or some sh*t, so I’m not saying it in that way. But more so like, a lot of people gonna learn from this situation and realize a lot of sh*t don’t be worth it…. A lot of feuds and arguments don’t be worth it in the end.”

21 Savage

The “Runnin” rapper went on to reflect on how short life can be and the importance of making each day count.

“We got one life, ain’t no redos. Sh*t don’t last 1,000 years. Most n*gg*s live until 60, 70? That ain’t a long time…By the time you start getting money, and enjoying life, you done already lived 20% of your life. Then another 40% [of] your life — you’re going to be old so you ain’t really gonna be able to do a lot of shit. You really only get 40% of life to just live and have fun.”

21 Savage then expressed how certain feuds and disputes just aren’t worth it.

“You really only got 20 years to live your life for real. So all that b*lls**t don’t really be worth it at the end of the day. Any beef that exist ain’t worth it. Any feud, any relationship that was like, ya’ll broke up over some bulls**t, that sh*t wasn’t worth it…Any decision you made over some b*lls**t, that wasn’t worth it…Not doing certain things because of this and that, that ain’t worth it because this sh*t is really short.”

As previously reported, Takeoff, born Kirshnik Khari Ball, was fatally shot at a bowling alley in Houston, Texas on November 1. The Harris County Medical Examiner listed the 28-year-old’s primary cause of death as:

“Penetrating gunshot wounds of head and torso into arm.”

According to reports, law enforcement informed the public about a heated argument between Migos member Quavo and others following a dice game at 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston.

Quavo, Takeoff

Sources state that the men took the argument outside and eventually went back and forth over who could beat who at a basketball game. A viral video surfaced in which you can hear QuavoTakeoff’s family member/groupmate, seemingly frustrated as he stated,

“Man I don’t care about no basketball bruh. They play basketball y’all saw me play basketball. Y’all n*gg*s – in the gym bruh. Don’t play like that bruh.”

Walking away from the argument, Quavo added,

“Aye let’s go bruh. I ain’t finna do this sh*t – I’m finna hurt somebody bruh.”


Shortly after, video footage shows people running as multiple shots were fired. Three people, including Takeoff, were hit during the shooting. No arrests have been made, however, police are looking for the person of interest who is allegedly seen on video holding and then raising his gun.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the family and loved ones of Takeoff.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole